Another Vegan “Success Story”

Which sort of success would you rather have, one like those in my results folder, or one like this email, below? I don’t know if you have the time to answer my email, but I hope so. I just stumbled across your wonderful website and have read a couple of comments from vegetarians concerning the Paleo-type…Read More

Goings on in Paleoland

I’m in a busy stint at the moment. Yes, more Leangains posts are coming, but they will be spaced out somewhat. So here’s a few odds & ends I’ve been noticing from the Paleosphere and the general low-carb community, lately. ~ You might not think that a website dedicated to nursing schools would publish a…Read More

Weekend Restaurant Food Porn: Steaks and More Steaks

I go in cycles where there are periods where I eat out at restaurants more frequently than at other times. Recently that has been the case. So here’s just some of the photos I’ve snapped over the past couple of weeks. Mostly steak and variations on salad. There’s one vegetable dish. All this pics can…Read More

I Salute the Mechanics of Medicine

More Leangains posts coming very soon; much, much more. In the meantime, I have a quick post that calls close to home. Many know that in addition to my path, many in my family have also improved their standing in life, including my dad. He’s lost much weight, feels — or felt — great and has…Read More

Leangains: Martin Berkhan Means It

It was sometime in April of this year that I had an email exchange with Martin Berkhan of Leangains, private nutrition consultant and trainer. He’d emailed about some utter bullshit like I deal with here every day that’s not even worth mentioning. We got to talking; he complimented me on my progress, I said I…Read More

Veganism: Elitist, Well Off Guys & Gals?

How many poor vegans do you know? No, I’m not talking about those with the luxury to fake lives of minimalism and austerity — all the while knowing they can run back to mommy & daddy any time if…like…the tie-died, dreadlocked, barefooted grunge thing doesn’t work out on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. And while…Read More

30,000 Year Old Bread is Bullshit

Let me get this out quickly, before I get yet another email. Here’s the bullshit in question: LONDON (Reuters) — Starch grains found on 30,000-year-old grinding stones suggest that prehistoric humans may have dined on an early form of flatbread, contrary to their popular image as primarily meat eaters. […] The findings may also upset…Read More

Primal Fuel: What’s all the Fuss?

You’d think Mark Sisson went out and came back peddling rice cakes with a heavy load of gluten flour mixed in for chewiness; and soy for protein – all topped off with a sugary glaze. Don’t believe me? Well, I’m sure some of you have seen his announcement, but you may not be aware of…Read More

Hurry Up and Ship My “Major Award” Willya?

I’m sorry, folks. I can’t help it. I’m helpless against continuing to make fun of the sugar addicted, essential fatty acid and protein deprived brains of The Vegan Menace. I mean, c’mon; what am I, some slave to every silly pronouncement? Well, perhaps. Someone asked in a recent comment why I bother. I guess I…Read More

T. Colin Campbell: Scientist or Propagandist?

You be the judge There’s a site of cloistered raw vegans who eat fruit, and who don’t let anyone disturb their worldview through membership screening. I knew about this forum post from back in July (Blog Bandits). The group-think evident in the comments is, well, typical of this sort of thing. This is referring to…Read More

A Question: Roots; It All Began With Art De Vany

I just had a question come in via email that I though so good that I got up off my ass and started pounding the keyboard. From Travis: I stumbled upon your blog and find it very interesting to read. I just started doing the paleo type diet on Wednesday (so about a week or…Read More

Extreme BBQ: Chicken, Beef AND Pork

Yesterday we had some friends over, plus my parents and as I’ve said before: there’ll be no bread, pasta, rice, beans or other such cheap fillers but I’m gonna fill you up with meat. So how about this? Click for the high res version. Extreme BBQ Actually, the chicken is roasted is the oven, freeing…Read More