The Versatile Omelet

I almost never order an omelet in a restaurant. Too big, too fluffy (often watery), not browned properly and worst of all, cooked in rancid frankenoils. You can really taste it unless, of course, you get one of those kitchen sink omelets loaded with so many ingredients you can’t properly taste any of them. Oh,…Read More

The Health Nut Heart Attack

Pretty interesting email I got, with permission to publish. I thought you might find this interesting. Now, I suppose I might could go off and declare for evermore that eating low protein and high carbohydrate in the form of rice starch is a no-no, but I won’t. We’re all individuals. That said, I know what…Read More

Keep Eating the Sugar, Vegans

Rather than the post I had planned for this morning of last night’s stupendous meal, I have something else to put up. The meal was grilled filets and instead of the typical red wine reduction I do, I toasted garlic in butter, strained, then browned the butter and finished it off with fresh lime juice.…Read More