Leangains: Intermission

Yea, yea…I know. I’m behind again in getting the next post out, so for those of you not following Martin’s blog regularly (and why not!?), here’s a sample of the results those who follow his methods of diet, IF, and lift heavy get. Danielle The before was only from last year. Read the whole story...…Read More

Budget Paleo

For Paleo-ish to go mainstream, it’s got to be somewhat price competitive Let’s face up to it and admit it: the obesity problem in America, and why it leads the way worldwide, can be reduced to an essential single development: cheap "food." I’m increasingly coming to the opinion that the primary cause underlying that, is...…Read More

Thanksgiving, Links, and Quick Hits

Did you survive it? The big feast? Down here in So-Cal on an absolutely gorgeous day, we had 15 or so people here at Bea’s parents’ place for the standard fare: turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings, snacks, desserts & such. I chipped in to do the green beans (slow cooked with onion and bacon),...…Read More

Thanks Readers, Commenters, Supporters…

…As well as the morons, dumbshits, grant whores, vegans, fat-assed health "authorities," frankenfood manufacturers, drug companies and all those who make my blogging job so easy and fun. So how about it? Group hug? Just for today? Can’t we all just get along? And thanks also to all those who link in to freetheanimal.com, helping...…Read More

Getting Serious About Grassfed Meat

While I’ve dabbled in grassfed meats over the last year or so, I never really got completely serious about it. I did a few orders from La Cense — and good stuff it was — but that’s not local. I’ve sourced a few things here and there from farmers’ markets and such, Whole Foods, and...…Read More

The Things Kids Say

F**k Vegetables You know what? Every time I’m just satisfied eating meat and shun all else, I have to wonder what sort of conditioning I’ve succumbed to. After all, I once believed in Santa Claus with all my heart. Then I graduated to the adult version. Free of both, now. …And eating lots of meat....…Read More

Links & Quick Hits

~ Well I suppose I ought to say something about The Twinkie Diet before I get yet another email about it, a tweet, or a comment on one of the other posts. I guess I missed the ball on this one; because I thought it so obviously dumb that no one would take much interest...…Read More

Minimalist Shoes on a Budget: Sanuk & Vans

A while back I blogged about my general preference for Soft Star RunAmoc over Vibram Five Fingers for all but what the VFFs are specifically designed for: sporting activity. Shortly thereafter I recorded a video comparison of the two. Today I still feel the same way. When I attended MovNat, I brought my flip flops, Vibram...…Read More


It’s been too long but I had the urge. Actually, I have to thank Andrew over at Evolvify who did an outstanding and comprehensive post on a topic I was going to hit either today or tomorrow. But, he did such a job that it would have been silly not to just point to his,...…Read More

Public Service Announcement: Paleo Diet Study

Real quick, to help spread the word: I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to participate in a Paleo Diet study. Dr Cordain, author ofThe paleo Diet is researching the connection between diet and autoimmune illness. He’s looking for volunteers who have an autoimmune disease and have tried a the paleo Diet for...…Read More