Review: “The New Evolution Diet” (for a New Year) by Art De Vany

I usually don’t even bother to read most of the "inspirational" emails many people seem to have an irresistible urge to email out to everyone in their address book, but the one I got last night regarding the New Year caught my eye. …So much so that I thought I’d share it as a prelude to this book review. I’m going to omit one paragraph that I think detracts from the message. Life, I am…Read More

Christmas at the Cabin

A pic Beatrice took. Rotor is by the fire and Nuke, in the cat bird seat where she likes it. She’s the guardian, though she’s become accustomed to sleeping with me under the covers nearly every night, but only after 3-4PM when she wakes me up with her whine, asking permission. I never turn her down. It’s Christmas at the Cabin... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a…Read More

A Most Successful Self-Experiement: Over 18 Months Soap and Shampoo Free

01/04/11: Well it happened again. While Boing Boing didn’t link up this post, Sean Bonner linked up the original one. Bless his heart. And do read his post because he describes his own success with the experiment over the last year, calling it "easily one of the best moves I’ve ever made in my entire flippin’ life." And so I’ve added an update at the original post from a year ago to alert boingboing readers…Read More

Self-Experimentation Doesn’t Trump Science; It IS Science

Over the last few days I’ve spent significant time catching up on reading some of the newer Paleoish, Low-Carbish diet & fitness books to hit the shelves. Specifically, Rob Wolf’s The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet , Art De Vany’s The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging, and one that’s been around a while, Jeff Thiboutot’s and Matt Schoeneberger’s S.P.E.E.D. All of these books are heavily…Read More

Holiday Meals and Breaking News: Neanderthals Ate Hot Pockets

Lots of time on hand up here at 4,500 feet elevation in the Sierras. Things winding down from Christmas with family who depart tomorrow and then will rev up again on Friday when another set of family show up for the New Year festivities. Cooking meals is, of course, a big part of the enjoyment. Typically, we eat breakfast around noon, maybe snack a bit in the afternoon and then have dinner around 7pm or…Read More

Roasted Pork and Braised Cabbage from the Fifth Worst Cookbook in the World

Indications are that I might be putting up a decent amount of food porn this week. So far we’ve been eating very well. When we left San Jose the other day I filled a box with a number of things from my Marin Farms CSA so I do have lots of things to cook. Last night was the boneless, pastured pork leg which I did dry in the crock pot. Click ’em for hi-res. Crock Pot…Read More

Not Sunday; Not Rock; Emmylou Harris: a Wrecking Ball Selection

So how many people are going to embed Bing, Johnny, Nat…maybe even Burl or Mitch Miller doing the great Christmas classics? Not me. Simple and quick: An amazingly beautiful woman performing an amazingly beautiful song live. Emmylou, from Wrecking Ball: Goodbeye. Pastured pork leg is in the crock pot and braised cabbage in the oven. See you on the other side, maybe with some pics.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members…Read More

Lamb Feast & Season’s Greetings

Arrived up in the mountains yesterday afternoon to enjoy a relatively quiet season through the new year. The large family get together was last weekend and tomorrow, we’ll have a few family over. I’m probably not going to do anything fancy for Christmas dinner. Maybe a simple pot roast. Or, maybe my brother will bring the wild killed elk steaks he promised. We got together with some friends Wednesday night prior to heading out yesterday…Read More

I Get Email From a UK Heart Surgeon

Whilst engaging in cooking on last Saturday and entertaining family for an early Christmas dinner — periodically checking email — I received a missive from a new heart surgeon in training in the UK. He took umbrage with my derogatory remarks directed at another UK heart surgeon some time ago. I need to advise you that your post is not only unacceptable and distasteful, it is also highly defamatory and you are vulnerable to a law suit to…Read More

Meat Mastery

According to Martin Berkhan, "Richard is a skilled practitioner of meat mastery." Well, let’s see; you be the judge. We had early Christmas yesterday because some family members are out of town next weekend. I decided to do a boneless prime rib roast. 13.5 pounds. Here we are, ready for the oven. Click all images for the hi-res versions. Rib Roast I don’t like the heavy herbs & spices you often get crusted on prime…Read More

Chris Masterjohn on Religion and Paleo

It’s been nearly a month since I posted on Jimmy Moore’s raising of the subject of potential conflicts between low-carb and paleo lifestyles and religion. I was surprised to see Chris Masterjohn take up a bit of his time to get involved in the comment thread. At any rate, apparently the topic interests him enough that he penned a rather lengthy article on the subject: Can Christians Be Paleo? Christianity, Faith, Evidence, Dobzhansky, Evolution, and More.…Read More

Search 5 Million Print Books in Microseconds

Damn that John Durant. Just as I was beginning to get a handle on all my tasks he comes up with something that’s just too fun not to play with. It’s Google’s search engine for the millions of books they’ve digitized over the years. John explains. Google has been digitizing books for years now, and a team of researchers just published some amazing findings based on the corpus so far — over 5 million books.…Read More

Leangains: The Dietary Approach

You can find the previous post in this series that discusses the workouts, right here. I’m not going to lie to you: this could be the most controversial post of the Leangains series. I suppose the reason for that, were I to sum it up, is that the readership of this blog largely focusses on those with current or formerly damaged and broken metabolisms, and Martin Berkhan’s approach does not seem to zero in on…Read More

The Latest Uh-Oh for the Vegetarians and Vegans: Creatine

So guess where you get Creatine? If you’re a gorilla, ape, vegetarian or vegan you might have a problem because it’s not an essential nutrient, as it is manufactured in the human body from L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine BUT, in human animals and other animals, approximately half of stored creatine originates from food (mainly from meat). Since vegetables do not contain creatine, vegetarians show lower levels of muscle creatine, but show the same levels after using…Read More

Sunday Rock Prog Rock

This one took a bit of searching. I had something in mind, took a while to zero in on. So, let me ask you; you know Kansas, right. Who doesn’t…Cary On Wayward Son? And while I’ve always loved that song, it’s not really Kansas. Here’s Kansas — The Pinnacle — in 9+ wonderful minutes, in the best spirit of Prof Rock. Taking a good listen to many of those elements it’s a total mystery to…Read More

Weekend Links & Quick Hits: Gary Taubes, Art De Vany, Denise Minger, The China Study, Chris Masterjohn and Real Results

~ Gary Taubes finally has a blog. Of course, you would have to have had been asleep under a rock not to already know that by now. His first and as of yet, only post — The Inanity of Overeating — has racked up 250 comments so far. And his new book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It debuts on December 28. ~ Speaking of new books, Art De Vany’s The…Read More

Braised Lamb Shank and Grassfed Potroast…and Erwan LeCore

Awaiting Roger Waters & The Wall show time like a 4-yr-old getting his first bicycle from Santa, and continuing on the theme of never being too busy to source good food, here’s some more recent meals. Braised Lamb Shank The taters were half white & sweet. Then I reduced the braise sause. Grassfed Potroast Wow. That was real good and I still have a bit of leftovers. Crock Pot. Onions. You’re done. replace onions with chopped…Read More

A Little bit of everything including Food Porn, but mostly Roger Waters & The Wall

To say that I’ve languished at blogging would be an understatement though, at the same time, it has forced me into writing blogs that are different than I normally do — and I’m embracing it. So this will be diverse. First, I’m just working a lot. After essentially a 7 year vacation from my company, I am enjoying getting up early, working at home for a few hours, heading in and coming back in the…Read More

One for those missing the food porn

A number of the comments recently have lamented the recent lack of food porn. Well, just like everyone else, I have to make a living and have gone back into my company "full time" (16 hours a day +, for now). Right now I’m editing a book for getting out of debt as a do-it-yourself endeavor. The company I started in 1992 does this as a service for clients. Now, I’m creating a do-it-yourself program…Read More