Reflections on Becoming an “Old Fucker”

When Time Runs Out Yea, 30 is the new 20. 40 is the new 30. …And 50? See, that’s a harder pill to swallow, at least to my mind. While there are innumerable rites associated with aging…and this has to go back eons, there’s a point where in your own mind if nowhere else, you…Read More

No Vegetables in the Way

Oh Noes! Don Matesz has a different take on an aspect of Paleo-ish than I? Well, this means war! First it was the Johnsonian "War on Poverty;" then, the Nixonian "War on Drugs;" and then, we got used to always being at war with someone over something. We’re America, goddammit! We’d better be at War!…Read More

Getting off Proton Pump Inhibitor GERD Meds Cold Turkey

Back when I was just transitioning into Paleoish eating, one goal was to get off my prescription medications I’d been on for a long time. One of those was for seasonal allergies that I had come to have to take year round for the previous decade. The other was various Proton Pump Inhibitors prescribed for…Read More

I Told You To Go Ahead and Fuck Those Vegetables

Well, not that the Mail Online is any sort of authority — what main stream media outlet whore is? but every now and then, you get tossed a bone. I’ll get to that later. But first, I have one bone to pick with some stupid fucking "paleo" bullshit. And I’ve said it before. The next time…Read More

No Soap in the Chicago Tribune

Just a quick note before heading out for the weekend. I was contacted by Julie Deardorff of the Chicago Tribune for some supplemental info for an article she was doing. And here it is: How to give up soap. I was particularly gratified that she got in a few bits about paleo, particularly that it’s…Read More

Links, Quick Hits & Odds & Ends

I didn’t account for all the mental energy expenditure in following along — as well as promoting — the big bonus in the first week of the year and into last week that was a couple of links from BoingBoing and one from Gizmodo. I set out to do a newbie intro to Paleoish and…Read More

Man Comes Here to Have a Laugh; Loses 65 Pounds

I hadn’t intended to post anything until I get up Part I of my series on the Paleo life way for beginners, likely Sunday night or Monday morning. But this fits right in, given that I’m doing this for whomever are interested of the 80,000 Boing Boing and GIZMODO readers who visited this blog last week.…Read More

Grassfed Beef Medley and Red Wine Reduction

Time for a little food porn as I put finishing touches on the Preface post for a series on paleo for beginners that will be the mainstay of next week. Last night I took one grassfed New York and one ribeye out of the freezer from my Marin Sun Farms CSA. Submerge them in tepid…Read More

New Year’s Resolutions Are Bullshit (in pictures)

Circa 2004. How many resolutions do you imagine I’d made before, including and after reaching this state of body composition? I don’t know, but I’m sure it had something to do with the typical: eat less, move more. Rich and Rotor …And how many more? Rich and Rotor: double plus more By this time, I…Read More