No Vegetables in the Way

Oh Noes! Don Matesz has a different take on an aspect of Paleo-ish than I? Well, this means war! First it was the Johnsonian "War on Poverty;" then, the Nixonian "War on Drugs;" and then, we got used to always being at war with someone over something. We’re America, goddammit! We’d better be at War!...…Read More

No Soap in the Chicago Tribune

Just a quick note before heading out for the weekend. I was contacted by Julie Deardorff of the Chicago Tribune for some supplemental info for an article she was doing. And here it is: How to give up soap. I was particularly gratified that she got in a few bits about paleo, particularly that it’s...…Read More

Links, Quick Hits & Odds & Ends

I didn’t account for all the mental energy expenditure in following along — as well as promoting — the big bonus in the first week of the year and into last week that was a couple of links from BoingBoing and one from Gizmodo. I set out to do a newbie intro to Paleoish and...…Read More