A Book Deal – “Free the Animal”

Before I get to the "book deal," a quick word about Facebook. I get a lot of friend requests from readers but I must ignore them all. As my about page states: "Please note that I do not accept Facebook Friend requests from anyone who is not a current or past in-person friend or a…Read More

Vegan Lies and their Stick Figure People

A mixed bag of dishonesty and fraud You’ve seen me poke fun at the monkey enviers before — though monkeys don’t have bananas delivered by the truckload — and this shall be no exception. So one of the Vegan Menace shitheads (Durianrider of the 30 Bananas a Day crowd) goes and does just what you’d…Read More

I have zero time for Paleo hand-wringers

That’s very flattering, and a nice post. And yea, I’m well aware that I’m the bad guy for some, or many. I’ve also yet to see a single of my detractors accomplish much of anything in spreading the word. I, on the other hand, had 184,000 visits and 340,000 page views to my blog last…Read More

Ancestral Health Symposium

The organizers of the Ancestral Health Symposium sure have done an amazing job putting together the "Woodstock of Evolutionary Medicine." When I was first approached way, way back when, I was more than a little skeptical. But looks like they’ve pulled it off. That’s quite a list of luminaries in the paleo, Primal and Evolutionary Fitness…Read More

Alien Encounters 2/14/2011

Wherein, you decide who’s the Alien ~ Employee calls in with Monday Sickness for the 2nd time in about 3 weeks. What’s that? If you’ve ever been an employer you know what I mean. ~ I head off to my Sick Care provider ’round 10 or 11 AM. Though I’ve been there many times recently,…Read More

This is One Big Ass Pain in the Neck!

My neck Only, not really so much my neck. You might recall a couple weeks back I blogged about having an impinged rotator cuff. Symptoms all made sense and here’s the confounding variable part: I was doing workouts that included heavy sets of exercises well known to cause shoulder injury. But how easy it is…Read More

Hey Skechers: How About FOOT “Technology”

Today is not a particularly good day, nor have I had one in a while. I’m not sure there even would be a good day to get an email like this. It’s from a female of the human species, in case you find that meaningful (though I don’t). Hi Richard, I really enjoy your take…Read More

Idle Fun at the Expense of Vegan Morons

Seems Melissa has a project. Posted from here. Get a load and take note. Any of you Paleos ever exhibit this level of abject dumb ass moron, I’m outta here. Becoming an ex-vegan is somewhat like becoming an ex-antiracist or an ex-antisexist — you have to wonder just how unprejudiced the person was to begin with.…Read More

11. And The Vegetables Shall Know Their Place Throughout the Land; as Shall They Know Their Master: Meat

Just for another quickie in my running, unofficial series on the undue status vegetables in the Paleo diet. I’m for discrimination: vegetables, in their place. Here’s another example. Click to ‘hi’. Meat with Vegetable Garnish Now there’s the way, folks. Hey, there’s even lots of veggie variety; we’ve got: carrot, onion, celery, red, yellow, green…Read More

Stoking the Flames of Revolution: Fine Young Paleos

I was very pleased to see the enthusiasm over Calvin’s self-experimentation and ultimate astounding success as passed along in my post yesterday. Indeed, there’s really something about young folks getting it. Just think how much they have leapfrogged the whole nasty ordeal us older folks had to learn by the hard way. They have it…Read More

One for the Veggie Lovers: Shrimp Stir Fry

If nothing else but to prove that I do indeed think veggies have their place in spite of my own hyperbole, here’s one way in which they can be fabulous. After the party Saturday night we had quite a bit of leftovers that I have been putting to good use. This one is the leftover…Read More

Is a Paleo-ish Lifestyle Only For Old Farts?

Time for another post in my favorite category: Real Results. This one is from a reader only 18 years of age who has lost 30 pounds and cured himself of debilitating asthma as well as other ailments. Here’s Calvin’s story. I really like your website, and I wanted to share my success story with the…Read More