Big Salad; with Tuna & Blueberries

Every now and then I get real hungry for a big salad with either grilled chicken or tuna on it. Last night was just such a night. Other than getting tuna fresh, which I sometimes do and usually sear it, this is the only canned tuna I ever eat: High Seas Tuna. It’s all surface,…Read More

Stop the Madness: Vegans Keep Killing Their Kids

A Juxtaposition: The spotting of a nutritionally fraudulent counterfeit Last evening I was contemplating yet another post on the nutritional inadequacy of a vegan diet, particularly a raw vegan diet and even more particularly: a raw, fruitarian vegan diet. As you know, there’s an upcoming debate with just such a fruitarian vegan, Harley Johnstone, AKA…Read More

Bits & Pieces: Life in the Human Zoo

Well this was bound to happen eventually Over the last couple of days I was, at first, dumbfounded and then at once, on a mission;  and then idle. I had decided to post about a certain "new thing" where instead of snorting cocaine — "the other white powder" — one "uses" white sugar and…it’s all…Read More

Vegans and Cry Babies

A Sunday afternoon Quick Hit Why a steak for pregnant mothers could stop babies crying Mothers-to-be who boost their intake of a vitamin found in steak during the first three months of pregnancy are up to eight times more likely to have babies who cry less, researchers suggest. … Now the latest findings by researchers…Read More

Idle Sunday Afternoon Meanderings

I think that the older one gets, the weirder it can be when weird things suddenly pop into your mind for no apparent reason, and that you haven’t thought about for years, even decades. Well, I can’t even remember the last time I thought about this film from 1965/6 that my parents saw at a…Read More

Sunday Rock: Lou Reed, Live in Paris, 1974

Tune in tomorrow morning for the inspiring story of how a biology researcher at a major university medical school went Paleo and got herself some impressive results. Dramatic photos included. In the meantime, from the 1974 album "Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal" is the opening track, Intro / Sweet Jane, performed live in Paris. Enjoy, if…Read More

Motivation to Have a Big-Ass Steak This Weekend

When I picked up my CSA package from the Marin Sun Farms drop-point on Wednesday (five minutes from my house), I noticed that there were two T-bone steaks included. And that they were massive. One clocked in at 1.2 and the other, a whopping 1.6 pounds, about 25.5 ounces. I might have put them in…Read More

My Evil Paleo Plot Comes to Full Fruition

I lied. See, back last week when I posted about my most recent podcast interview (My Podcast Interview at Paleo Weekly: My Evil Plot, Revealed), I didn’t really reveal the whole Evil Plot in that podcast. That was just to make you think I did so you’d consider listening. Sure, I spent a lot of…Read More

The MovNat Before & After Skills Videos

For those new here, or who didn’t notice before, I attended a 5-day MovNat workshop last summer at beautiful Summersville Lake, West Virginia. I blogged extensively about the experience (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5). Basically: We ate pretty pure Paleo and moved around a lot in a natural setting,…Read More

2011 Paleo Community Survey

Some weeks back I was contacted by longtime reader and commenter David Csonka, who also operates a fine blog over at Naturally Engineered. He had an idea to create a survey for paleo folks to participate in so that all in the Paleo community might gain insights into what the allure is and perhaps, how…Read More

How the Paleo Diet Works

OK, well, one way it works (Animals were harmed in the making of this picture)  Carnage But just how big are they? Really big Really really big Here’s a one minute video showing a glimpse of my process, what else is on the menu, and the mountain setting Cooking Dinner from Richard Nikoley on Vimeo.…Read More

The Elephant in the Evolutionary Room

Yea, we’re such pristine, evolved frugivores. Don’t know about you, but that looks to me like a highly evolved skill (what balls growing supplement they’re taking, I don’t know). Note the ages of those men. Here’s what I see after numerous viewings: an elder who has done this dozens of times and two young’ns, learning…Read More

Fat Head: The Full Documentary, Now Free on Hulu

I’ve blogged about Tom Naughton’s film Fat Head a few times in the past and of course, you can still get the DVD at Amazon. And at Tom’s site for the film, you can watch a number of short clips. Or, what the hell, you can just watch the whole thing for free at…Read More