“Avoiding entire food groups is a mistake, critics say”

Oh they do, do they? And it’s really the best they can do, now, whenever The Caveman Diet gets any press. Of course, Chicago Tribune reporter, Anne Stein, does what your typical reporter reporting on things she’s ignorant of does: she goes out for quotes from rent-a-experts, such that she, and by extension them, can…Read More

What’s the Absolutely Coolest Thing you OWN?

I’ve had in mind to do this post since a while ago, perhaps a year or two back, when I was sitting on the front deck of our mountain "cabin," in the summer, sipping a scotch, looking out and observing, verbally, to Beatrice, in a kind of a Duh-uh tone: "that’s the coolest thing I…Read More

Low Carb Man Hank Garner Sheds 100 Pounds in Six Months

Hank Garner, the man behind My Low Carb Journey and its excellent podcast, is relatively new to the scene, but man is he ever making less and less of a splash in the low-carb and paleo communities. Sure, he has a great, entertaining and professional podcast where he interviews all the names you know, including yours…Read More

A 100% Raw Vegan Success Story

Well, I tweeted this story a couple of hours ago, it got immediate traction in terms of mentions and retweets, then Robb Wolf retweeted it and things really took off. So, based on that, I figured I better just blog it. This is about a tragedy, not ridicule — except for those so deserving. This…Read More

Soup for a Quick & Easy Meal

In an effort to dramatically lower my frequency of restaurant eating I have some up with a solution: soup. There are many ways to do soup: a quick & easy and a really quick & easy. So first, the quick & easy. You’ll need some form of beef in this case. I prefer to use…Read More

Raw & Cooked: Flexibility and Varied Nutrition

Two of the things I attempted to get across in last Thursday evening’s raw vegan debate were that: We can eat anything and everything the raw vegan can eat, plus high density nutrition from animal sources. We can take advantage of the nutritional advantages of raw foods from plants & animals, but also the nutritional…Read More

Kit Perkins Gets Himself Results, Blogs: Go Figure

And why shouldn’t he? Tell me again how the food giants were there for him. How about his friends, who told him, most likely: "everything in moderation?" The drug companies? The media? How about academia and research institutions with with their CAFOs of Grant Whores? Nobody was there for Kit Perkins who was supposed to…Read More

Nutrition Density Challenge: Fruit vs. Beef Liver

In Thursday evening’s debate with Harley Johnstone, aka Durianrider, of 30 Bananas a Day (see here for the debate wrap up and reader discussion), I issued a challenge for listeners to get a sense for comparative nutrient density by comparing some measure of beef liver with what it would take in any mix of fruit…Read More

The Real Health Debate: WouldaCouldaShoulda?

[This is a complete replacement of my previous post announcing the debate, so as to keep the existing comment thread intact.] So the debate went off last night, on time, and without a hitch. Thanks again to Steve Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio for doing such a masterful job in putting it together and executing…Read More

“This is Silly”

One thing I never do is write a blog based on one single post by another blogger, especially if I really have little to nothing to add except: WORD. I’ll make an exception for Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. Here’s the link. Well, I think I’m going through a phase that all health bloggers go…Read More


Last evening HUMAN PLANET, a BBC production, premiered on Discovery Channel here in the US; and I was not disappointed. Here’s the BBC trailer for the series. Be sure when it starts to watch it in as high of a resolution as your pipe can take. Here’s the BBC page for the series and here’s…Read More

I finally raised my body temperature above the 97s

At long last I had a relatively idle day yesterday, and knowing it would be so from the start, I did what I often do on such a Saturday, Sunday morning — or both — laying in bed around 8ish, room well awash in sun despite curtains — just enjoying trying to sleep more, though…Read More

Random Reader Progress and Experimentation

I seem to have hit another of my occasional slumps where not only do I not have anything originally passionate to write about, but I’m not even that happy with some of my latest posts — so why add self-inflicted insult to my own self-inflicted injury? Why? Well, one thing I have been doing for…Read More

What’s on Your Grill? Another Day, More Meat

Here’s the just a couple of things that hit the dinner table over the last week. All images can be clicked on for the larger, hi-resolution versions. Grassfed New York Steak That was the typical red wine reduction. And it goes good on the potatoes, too. Spuds Last night I tossed a tri-tip roast on…Read More

Where Has the CRUNCH Gone?

I had an epiphany last night Or perhaps it was the weather, now in the 80s and sunny. Birds chirping are driving me crazy and joyful. I love them and I hate them…but that’s just how I try to do everything. I did a meatza night before last. Meh. I’m getting a bit beyond paleo…Read More