A 100% Raw Vegan Success Story

Well, I tweeted this story a couple of hours ago, it got immediate traction in terms of mentions and retweets, then Robb Wolf retweeted it and things really took off. So, based on that, I figured I better just blog it. This is about a tragedy, not ridicule — except for those so deserving. This...…Read More

Soup for a Quick & Easy Meal

In an effort to dramatically lower my frequency of restaurant eating I have some up with a solution: soup. There are many ways to do soup: a quick & easy and a really quick & easy. So first, the quick & easy. You’ll need some form of beef in this case. I prefer to use...…Read More

“This is Silly”

One thing I never do is write a blog based on one single post by another blogger, especially if I really have little to nothing to add except: WORD. I’ll make an exception for Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. Here’s the link. Well, I think I’m going through a phase that all health bloggers go...…Read More


Last evening HUMAN PLANET, a BBC production, premiered on Discovery Channel here in the US; and I was not disappointed. Here’s the BBC trailer for the series. Be sure when it starts to watch it in as high of a resolution as your pipe can take. Here’s the BBC page for the series and here’s...…Read More

Where Has the CRUNCH Gone?

I had an epiphany last night Or perhaps it was the weather, now in the 80s and sunny. Birds chirping are driving me crazy and joyful. I love them and I hate them…but that’s just how I try to do everything. I did a meatza night before last. Meh. I’m getting a bit beyond paleo...…Read More