Connecting Dots: Fruit is Real Food; Eat It

Hope you all had a great long weekend, as did I. I didn’t read a lick of diet, fitness & health "crap," instead spending most of the time outdoors — in the sun when available — eating well, drinking well, and reading some classic fiction for a change (Heinlein, if you must know). I’ve been…Read More

Another 100% Raw Vegan Success

I love the emails I get, this one from Heather. Dear dear Richard, I stumbled on your blog about a week ago now, and I spent the next couple of hours reading reading reading, particularly the letters and posts about former vegans (funny how the ex and soon-to-be-ex vegan community has embraced your blog!). I…Read More

Latest in Paleo Episode 17: The Diet of No-Diet

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of recording a podcast episode of “Latest in Paleo,” a joint project of Angelo Coppola and the 5by5 network of podcasts. And we had a blast doing it. After hours of post-production work by Angelo to work his magic of making it come off just like a 2-host morning…Read More

Optimality: A Fool’s Errand?

Well, it would not have been in the Paleolithic …And, I’ll get to that later… Lots of paleo shit brewing now. I’m not going to name or link any of it. It really doesn’t matter and if people want to allude in comments…well, I don’t moderate those unless someone has the audacity to write "fuck,"…Read More

Speaking Engagement at The 21 Convention

I got an email from Anthony Johnson a while back about speaking at the convention he conceived of at the age of 17, made it real at 18 and now, at 22, has made international. I didn’t immediately accept the invitation. And then, my Googling gave me a bit of pause. Apparently, Anthony and his…Read More

Hamburger Helper, Paleo Style

One pound of ground grassfed beef, one pound of ground pastured lamb, cooked on medium low with 1/2 onion and clove or two of crushed garlic. Drained the fat, but used a fat separator to retain the juices from the meat. Then it was time to add in about 1/2 cup of beef stock, a can…Read More

Braised English Cut Beef Short Ribs

I tweeted this pic yesterday as I had just gotten started with the process. Getting Busy In all, there were about 8 1/2 pounds of bone-in short ribs for a bit of a dinner party for eight I put on last night. Recipe was very much like this previous go at it, only I used…Read More

Is the Paleo Life Way Mere Observational Science?

I typically pass my time driving by listening to podcasts. For the most part, I have listened to Jimmy Moore or Robb Wolf, and now and then, others. I listen to Jimmy mostly because he brings so many interesting folks to the table. On the drive back from our "Climate Change" wakeup call this morning, I listened…Read More

7-Day Challenge: Revisiting Paleo on a Budget

Last November, 2010, I put up a post about "Budget Paleo" in response to an email I received. "Have tried to follow the "paleo" lifestyle thing, but having some difficulties, mostly due to budget constraints." That was a pretty popular post, racking up 205 comments from readers, most of whom seemingly finding it very doable…Read More

About the Advertisements

I get  kick out of them when I look at them I also get a kick out of readers who keep bringing up the fact that they go counter to the posts. Some think it’s a "good idea," dripping in sarcasm. I suppose I should take comfort that some percieve my little ‘ol blog as…Read More