Don’t Expect Much; Then Rock a Bit

I can’t even recall my last post. I know it was while in SoCal last week, and its end, then we went home and within a couple of days, departed — to convert our long time personal and private use mountain cabin into a vacation rental. Many reasons for that and, no fucking need of…Read More

Idle Thoughts About Blogging: Relevance is Irrelevant

…But first, some idle food porn. My youngest brother is accomplished as well, though I chastised him for not using a white plate for contrast. Flank Steak Click on the image for the hi-res. He describes: Tagliata of Flank Steak with Arugula and Shaved Parmesan and Grilled Glazed Sweet Potatoes. So there you go. A…Read More

The Book and What I’m Up To; Nothing Should Go As Planned

It’s no secret that my blogging is decidedly “off.” There are paleo bloggers out there kicking my ass in terms of much that matters: diet lifestyle, published studies, and even considering quotidian news media bullshit — my own forte. I remain resolute, in that I have done this long enough; and its time to do…Read More

The Paleolithic Diet InfoGraphic

Revealed here for the first time. And as I said, it’s big. Learn more about the paleo Diet Access the full-size version here. This is the work of Patrick Vlaskovits whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing for quite a while now. We regularly grab lunch together when he’s on business up here Bay Area…Read More

Preview: The Paleo_____ Unveiled Here Exclusively Tomorrow

All’s quiet around here now. But stay tuned for tomorrow when something pretty interesting will be unveiled for the first time, exclusively on Free the Animal. It’s a project of someone else’s but they chose to get the initial word out, since I have a good track record with that. In the meantime, consider the…Read More

The Individually Optimal Diet: Piss Everyone Off

My last post on fruit consumption pissed some people off. Good. My previous posts from way back on including potatoes in your plan pissed some people off. Good. A previous post that mentioned using rice as a hypoalergenic source of starch in the diet pissed some people off. Good. I piss off vegetarians and vegans…Read More