How “Lucky” That Wild Animals Thrive

Just a quick quote from a commenter before heading out of town for a couple of days, one day business, one day pleasure. It has to do with the first quote on the last post, specifically: …who […] sees your success as entirely due to your own superiority to the masses, without recognizing the huge role that luck and opportunity played in it. Actually, I certainly do see most success in life as being at root a…Read More

Look How Ignorant

In two comments to my Animals Don’t Vote post, Dave and Mel pretend to know what they’re talking about, but only end up exposing their own ignorance. First, Dave. W. elitist? That sure is the pot calling the kettle black. With no government by the people, even as fucked up as it gets, the people with the biggest guns will rule. Also, you use the word “commie” as though it were an insult…Obama is certainly more…Read More

Not Quite The Human Zoo

I realize not everyone has a chance to run their life this way, but hopefully you can take a bit of inspiration from it and get someplace like it some day. So this is my new office. I work just about every day right here for a few hours. Fast Wifi, and there’s none of the work I do that can’t get done (Skype, VOiP soft phone, cell phone). And I can go for a…Read More

Neolithic Mind Toxins: Animals Don’t Vote

Or, if they do, it’s with paw or hoof, tooth or claw I asked the 20-somethings at The 21 Convention why they would be interested in a one in 300 millionth say in their own affairs and, and, why they would clamor for who’s gonna rule them next. That’s kind of a melange of principle and practical, really, but it’s often not a bad idea to hit a person with the practical first: how’s it working’…Read More

Bring On the Serious Paleo From Every Angle

Sitting by the pool at The Los Gatos Swim & Racquet Club enjoying the sun, the cool water, people of all age and gender who look like a human animal ought to look, reflecting on my recent experience at The 21 Convention, looking forward to The Ancestral Health Symposium, and feeling as though I’m recapturing an excitement and enthusiasm for That Paleo Thing I was beginning to fear was lost for good. I suppose the…Read More

Human Animals Don’t Just Diet, They Socialize and They Think

This’ll be my last post before jetting off to Orlando tomorrow afternoon to speak at The 21 Convention. Here’s an exclusive first look at the speech I’ll be delivering to old teenagers and young 20-somethigs: the introduction. It will likely be edited more, but here’s where it is now. The 21 Convention FREE THE ANIMAL If I ask how many of you see yourselves as an animal while on the prowl for a pickup, or,…Read More

I’ve Time Warped to the 80s and Beyond

My Wife Isn’t as Big on the Hot Chicks as I Yesterday morning Beatrice headed out to do some class at the gym she’s a member of, just a few minutes away, in Los Gatos, CA. The class was cancelled and what she was previously informed about the imminent closure of the gym was incorrect. Not closing end of September, but end of August and all classes are cancelled. She was referred to a different…Read More

How About Slavery of Animals?

A guy — Jeffery Quick is his name — via a longtime friend, on Facebook, just recently asked what I consider to be a very probing question. It goes not only to “Health Care” — which is really only Drug Companies, HMOs or any “well administered” or private concern hospital — but public policy in general. Public Policy in General. Everyone seems to have their pet booty. If you have a “right” to make me…Read More

Penis Enlargement: Lose Weight

My wife is a long time Oprah fan. I can’t hardly stand it, but at least she has her own DVR. She’s been watching the tear-jerking shows in advance of the Big Vacuum that is the — thank Zeus and all gods invented since — forever absence of Oprah as a daily spectacle. But this post is about penis size. Penis Size. PENIS SIZE. Personally, I might ask, ‘how very hard is your cock’ — no…Read More

Inbox Items, Bits & Pieces

A few of the unanswered, unresolved, unfiled items from the FTA inbox, oldest to newest. ~ Derek emails: Loyal reader of you blog, especially since months ago, when I was in a rough spot about my testosterone and started to research how could I increase it naturally. That research took me to diet, and its profound impact in hormones, and from there I discovered Paleodiet. According the countless scientific studies I read (yes, I’m obsessive)…Read More

Countdown to The 21 Convention 2011, Orlando, Florida

Next Friday morning I’ll be hitting the road; first driving up to San Francisco Airport, then getting groped & fondled by TSA perverts, onto being herded like cattle and packed in like sardines, and finally to arrive in Orlando and this year’s 21 Convention where I’ll be speaking Saturday afternoon. Here’s the schedule. I’ll draw to your attention that my longtime Paleoish blogging buddies Skyler Tanner and Keith Norris will be bringing the high intensity…Read More

Hang Gliding is So Macho: Chicks Need Not Apply; Don’t Even Try

[Regular blogging will resume. Note at the bottom of the post.] Mimi, with her own blog, sporting a cute profile pic of herself, rings in; comment on my last macho hang gliding post, complete with Led Zep “Whole Lotta Love” music and women (that’s plural) “you need me.” Umm…that hang-gliding is so badass. I’d love to know a little bit more about what it’s like — how does one learn? Pfft, paleo shmaleo. People who…Read More

Looming Mid-Life Crisis: Bruised But Not Confused

Why can’t I just act my age? There really is no doubt or dispute about the fact that I’m not out there currently tearing apart every stupid flawed study, calling Bullshit on most of the health and dietary advice being passed off as conventional wisdom by the regurgitators in the media, or many other of the things a “paleo blogger is supposed to be doing.”” Instead, my arms are covered in bruises because I just…Read More

Another Shameless Hang Gliding Video

I’m back. Well, yes, back at home and, and, for the first time in a month, not for a 2-3 day stopover…not until the next gig. No deal until The21Convention. That should be fun and I’ve been preparing. How? By getting my 20 sumthin’ on. Why? How would you get ready to talk to a room full of 20-sumthin males, interested in how to make their very best pussy play for life? Does that make…Read More

Live Shamelessly

Guess: Thinking About Blogging or my Flying? The thing to do when you burn out blogging what you usually blog about is not to quit, but blog about what’s making you happy at the moment. Been doing it since 2003. You’ll loose some readers. …And? Fuck ’em. Right now, remodeling my life in a number of ways is making me happily engaged, and as well, I’ve been vacationing in Lassen County, CA, for the past…Read More

I think I’ll go Independently Fly a Hang Glider

Yesterday (7/4) was so amusing. I can, and did, think of many who were and are Dependent — forcibly so — while being either innocent or heroic. But I’ll save it for later. Right now, I’m going hang gliding. I’ve been away for the better part of all of June. The latest part being a big task that took way longer to get right than anticipated. I blogged about that here, and as can be…Read More