Friday Odds & Ends (Video Interviews)

 ~ Have you checked out Dean Dwyer and his Being Primal site? Coming out of nowhere, he’s getting amazing comment traffic on his posts. Take a look at some of them and especially, videos, and you’ll see why. For instance, his first bacon in 20 years. He’s funny, wild and just enough crazy. And because...…Read More

Twice Baked Potato or Potato Skins?

A little of both, actually. I’ve never looked at a recipe but a twice baked potato includes scooping out the insides, whipping them up like mashed potato, then putting them back in the skins to bake. Potato skins typically includes bacon and some cheese as the base, melted into the skins. But how about a...…Read More

The Supplements I Take and Why I Take Them

The Roundup In general, I think less supplementation ought to be the goal, in favor of eating the best quality diet of “Real Foods” you can. That said and with the precautionary principle in mind, I think there are a few that deserve consideration. For the most part, there is an evolutionary basis for these,...…Read More

A Weight Loss Progress Update

Just a note about how things are going lately in shedding the roughly 15 pound gain I reported about in this recent post. Back down to 180 as of this morning, three pounds off since AHS, and things are moving well. Some moderate carbs but not excessive, my morning Huge Fat Bomb smoothies, doing intermittent...…Read More

Liquid Fat Bomb Smoothie: The Ultimate “Energy Drink” That Will Blow Your Mind

Today’s Breakfast. Recipe and Macronutrient Breakdown Below. You have to laugh. In today’s world of industrially engineered food and drink, the term “energy drink” is merely euphemism for sugar drink. Yea, some are laced with caffein, for added “energy.” And naturally, engineering being what it is, you don’t even have to look to know that...…Read More

The World’s Best Beef Jerky

That’s me eating some, right there. I have been disappointed for many, many years in the total crap they call “beef jerky” that comes in various packages in supermarkets and convenience stores. Oberto plain old natural can work in a pinch, because unlike all the other crap, it actually almost tastes and almost has the...…Read More

Ancestral Health Symposium Controversies Podcast: From High Heels to Gary vs. Stephan #AHS11

“This is like being IN the Internet” – Stephan Guyenet Stephan’s bit of off-cuff, characteristic insight rippled far beyond the presenter and volunteer party, before the actual event began, and has carried forth since. It may have been the base concept that ultimately described in the fewest number of words what this was really about....…Read More

No Church Revival: #AHS11

The plan came together at the start of my AHS Presentation. I was lucky enough to be on the email distribution of the first emails that went out in 2009 about this great event. But when Brent and Aaron asked me to present, I asked why…what with Eaton, Cordain, Eades, Linberg, et al presenting; why...…Read More

Human Animals Eating Animals #AHS11

It seems to me that hands down, the most heralded eating experience of the whole #AHS11 affair was Animal Restaurant. Everyone who was anyone gave it a shot. We went on Friday night. Skyler made the reservations a week or so in advance. Ham (get it?) Enough of fucking Skyler, for now. Let’s get to...…Read More

“Land of the Free” Update

A couple of hours ago we arrived at the parents-in-law’s, in Vista, CA, about an hour and a half drive or so further south, beyond UCLA and the Ancestral Health Symposium location where I’l be presenting Saturday afternoon among a who’s who in Paleo and other variations on a sensible, Real Food diet. I’m very anxious...…Read More