Free the Animal: The Manifesto

Manifesto: A public declaration of principles and intentions. It’s probably about time I set about to differentiate and distinguish. Version 1.0 1. You must think yourself lean and thin, and strong and healthy…to a proper regulation of hunger and satiation. There is no prescription or proscription that will necessarily work for you. You must write your own...…Read More

Cookbook Review: Everyday Paleo

I submit to you that it doesn’t even take going Paleo or Primal “everyday” to not get a wealth of good out of this book, Everyday Paleo. I have included it in my series of cookbook reviews…because it’s a cookbook. …But it’s more than that and I think, fills a very nice niche. In my last review,...…Read More

Cult Paleo: A Family Story

My dad was told by a devout fundamentalist, a Born-Again Baptist, a brother, that he’s a member of a cult: The Paleo Cult. …I’m busy, with another cookbook review — guess which one — and also editing a video interview with Ricky, from across the pond, and who talks funny. But he lost 90 pounds....…Read More

Paper Thin Chicken Soup

Part of what motivated my to review Paleo Comfort Foods earlier today in my last blog post is that I was cooking. I had something on the stove and I was waiting for it to get ready for further touch and attention. Chicken Soup. Now, I’m pretty sure that even if you go through every post...…Read More

Win a Free Subscription to Paleo Magazine

Paleo Magazine (click image to enlarge) When I first heard that some crazy people were going to start a print magazine about Paleo I just, well, I just… Let’s put it that way. Aren’t we in the Internet age, with content increasingly going to digital form and things in print increasingly the way of the...…Read More

If You Want Someone Dead, Then Kill Them Yourself

I had a beef with Andrew Badenoch way back when over esoteric issues surrounding freedom, i.e……………anarchism. I really didn’t explore the issue with him enough before I got pissed off and basically ignored him. And then months later, the Ancestral Health Symposium happened, I met him in person, and consequently felt embarrassed that I hadn’t taken...…Read More

A Tribute: Gaëlle Beyou, 1967 – 2010

[La traduction française suit ci-dessous. Faites défiler.] Leaving your life behind at 43 years of age is too young, no matter the cause A Weekend Drive to Saint Tropez; Summer, 1990 This last Monday afternoon I was idly having a drink on the patio, fiddling with my iPad and on a lark, decided to Google...…Read More

The Bullshit Archives

It’s reasonably clear to me that I have a good turnover in readers. I should expect that. I do expect that. While there are always those few who send me emails, letting me know that they’ve been loyal readers since even the pre-paleo days, even before I made this place exclusively paleo friendly, there are...…Read More