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Real Results Video Interview – Paleo Parents – The Three Kids, Part 2

Here’s the link to Part 1.

I don’t want to take up a lot of time with my own Bullshit. For one, I use the concept at the end of the interview. For two, this is perhaps the most important post I have ever done. So just a little Bullshit. Well, maybe medium Bullshit, because I don’t care for Bullshit sitting on my chest.

My wife and I decided long ago not to have kids. This sort of decision is unusual, not the norm, and makes for a far, far different life than one would have otherwise. I just wasn’t interested. Beatrice loves children. So much so, she became a school teacher and is coming up on 30 years of doing that same thing every day. She dotes on her nephews & nieces and I insist that mine interest me, and then I’m all in. I’m an asshole. Bea has her kid fix every day.

But frankly, one of the reasons I was negative to the idea of kids going back a long time is because, for the most part, the little fockers can annoy me to no end in sight. I can’t tell you how many times over years and years I have slapped myself on the cheek, wondering why people put up with the 24/7 crap very nearly every kid puts out. And, it’s far too long since my childhood days — where you only remember the good stuff — that I know how to reconcile it. I think we didn’t behave as badly as people put up with now, commonplace. But that’s just me.

This part of the video makes me wonder if I missed out, having a mignon or two. I live with no regrets and I take my chances and lumps, but perhaps, just perhaps, we evolved in such a way that children are not naturally a massive pain in the ass as I have uniformly noted them to be, and that includes every single one I have ever known.

I have an intro and a conclusion to the following video. The intro is about 20 seconds and while I understand many of you are just not into the videos I’ve been doing lately, I’m going to ask that you watch at least the intro, maybe a minute or two into the content, and then decide: “do I know anyone with kids who might benefit from this.”

Cole, Finian and Wesley

Then listen to your conscience from there.

What we cover is every imaginable “normal affliction” kids face — afflictions even I grew up with and saw in the early 60s — and how paleo seemed to resolve them all — as if there’s something magical about living and being a wild human animal.

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