Another Simple Question: The Paleo Diet is Not The Way to a Healthy Future For Whom?

An Anthropologist by the name of Barbara J King got a gig on NPR to ostensibly critique “The Paleo Diet.” The problem is: the problem is baked into the cake. We live in the Neolithic Zoo Human, where everyone’s problems are your problems and everyone’s expenses are your expenses…while everyone’s well being is theirs alone, and their fortunes are guarded to the death…so you lose, if you don’t care to spend your life paying attention.…Read More

And Why Are You Paleo?

Sometimes I’ll put up a post in an euphoric buzz of exuberance — in the act of writing it — and then begin to regret it. …Never seriously enough to take it down, materially edit or qualify it. Now and then, I don’t get the comment enthusiasm I was expecting, but that always goes with the territory. You can never tell what’s really going to resonate and why, and since you also can’t predict comments…Read More

A Morning Stroll Through the Paleosphere

~ I told you I would come to dominate the world. Mail Online: Free the Animal! A new restaurant, called Sauvage, has opened in a former Berlin brothel. Although the name might suggest something unusual, it is just an attempt to serve diners a Paleolithic diet. Yes, I mean the foods that our caveman ancestors consumed, basically meat and berries rather than bread, muesli or spaghetti, though you can bring your own wine, which is…Read More

Lets all Go to Paleo Hell Together

OK, but not before we know what we’re missing. Researchers Zero in on the Perfect Diet for all Humans The Paleolithic Diet is the Diet For One & All, Scientists Say Locusts Formed an Important Part of the Paleolithic Diet And so if I’m not going to hell for that bit of disrespectful chicanery, perhaps this’ll do it. Do you know how to cheat well? First off, let me say that “cheat” is really the…Read More

Standing Firmly Against “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Omelets

When people order an omelet with 6 or 7 ingredients at a restaurant, or relate to me the one they made at home and how many different things they put in it, I’m always left to wonder when they’re going to learn to cook a real omelet. Eggs are the primary ingredient, by definition. And while a plain omelet cooked on low in lots of butter is a wonderful thing — you should try it to…Read More

Mother Says “You’ll Always Be Baby To Me”

Are we actually, already living the dystopia? Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb? Mother do you think they’ll like this song? Mother do you think they’ll try to break my balls? Mother should I build a wall? Mother should I run for President? Mother should I trust the government? Mother will they put me in the firing line? Is it just a waste of time? Hush now baby, baby, don’t you cry Momma’s…Read More

For a Good Cause: Swab a Cheek, Save a Life and the Marine Corps Marathon

I got an email yesterday from Bob Ewing, one of the folks behind The Primal Challenge Blog. It’s Bob Ewing over at The Primal Challenge. I’ve teamed up with several primal runners — including New York Times bestselling author Christopher McDougall and the infamous Barefoot Ken Bob — in a campaign to help save the life of Amit Gupta. We’re working with a great charity, Swab a Cheek, Save a Life, that specializes in saving…Read More

Eat Well, Eat Real: Friday Food Pics

I have a number of unpublished food pics, most from home cooked meals, but some from restaurants. I think I’ll just put them out there today and a 2nd set over the weekend. Let’s begin with the very last meal, breakfast this morning after a 26 hour fast, breakfast to breakfast, which is the toughest interval in my book. You can click the images for the hi-resolution versions. Hick’ry Pit: Chili Verde Omelet & Half…Read More

Guest Post: The Five Failings of Paleo

Darrin Carlson Unless you’ve been living under a 24 Hour Fitness, you’ve probably noticed that this whole paleo thing is blowing up in a big way. From the New York Times to ABC Nightline and the Atlantic to Dr. Oz, eating like a caveman has never been more in the public eye, and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The good news is that meat and eggs are back on the…Read More

The 21 Day Total Body Transformation

Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint, has a brand new book out called: Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation – A complete, Step-By-Step, Gene Reprogramming Action Plan. It’s a practical, action-oriented guide for how to eat, exercise and live Primally – a step-by-step, “cut to the chase” resource to make a smooth and quick transition into a Primal lifestyle. In it he tells you exactly what to do every day for 21 days to take control…Read More

“Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit” – an intentional 70 pound weight gain

An interesting story. Drew Manning before & after Yea, that’s right. The “before & after” is reversed. IN this case, the before is to the left and the after, to the right, 70 pounds later. Since May, Drew Manning has gained about 70 pounds on purpose. And he’s not done yet. Drew is a personal trainer and has always been the “fit guy.” He’s now on a journey he calls Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit where…Read More

White Rice: Agent of Disease, a Sensible Choice, or Healthsaver?

At this writing, I don’t really know…that trifecta of question posed in the title. What I do know is that white rice, in the way I prepare it, gives me no problems at all, as a former fat man with chronic heartburn since I was a teenager. There are opposing views, and I’ll get to them. In the meantime, my last meal. Click the image for the full size and high resolute. Rice & Stuff…Read More

The Paleo Diet on the Local CBS News – Doctors Getting on Board

I’m never too interested in going to great lengths to carefully consider what I’m going to write about, how I’m going to say it, if it’s totally sound and solid factually, fair, or any number of other paralyzing elements that would principally serve to make my blog a very boring place. There are already plenty of boring blogs. There’s two reasons I operate this way: 1) I have open, unmoderated comments and when I fuck…Read More

Free the Animal: A Manifesto – Version 3.0 – Third Time’s the Charm?

Three Fridays in a row, three versions of a manifesto I began typing out on a whim, and somewhere between an hour and hour and a half later, I had a stream of consciousness that really seemed to resonate with readers. Got lots of great input in comments, plugged away at edits — even spending perhaps 3-4 hours last Friday — and created somewhat of a bloated monstrosity that while containing about everything I could…Read More

Do You Get Pissed Off Every Day?

I was looking at my stats this morning and figrin’: it was probably time to put up a fresh post. That’s how it works, chez moi. But what? Do I find something that everyone is sure to agree with, like any of the latest and regular nonsense inspired by the health experts in the media? Or, do I go with the “uncomfort zone,” and blog about something that pits some of my readers against others…Read More

The Logic of Paying for Other People’s Values

I just got out of the car, listening over the last few minutes to NPR; to some program on the complex machinations of food stamps. Sometime way back, in a land far, far away, someone decided he might accumulate some political capital by proposing that the feeding of minimal and base nutrition to the “unincomed” be centralized, collectivized. It was a winner, obviously, because social human animals who might feel humanely compelled to do otherwise,…Read More

Guest Post: Creamy Coconut Macacado Smoothie

Aloha ladies and gentlemen! This is Todd, better known as Primal Toad, with a special smoothie recipe to pass on to you. Many of you may know me from blogging over at I am the author of Toadally Primal Smoothies which you can buy for only $5. I’m a primal enthusiast who is helping bring primal/paleo/ancestral health to the mainstream. Why? I wish to save lives. Let’s get to the smoothie… Creamy Coconut Macacado…Read More

Out and About in Palo Alto: Dinner and Paying Respect to Steve Jobs

Since we live near downtown Los Gatos, that’s most typically where we head for a nice dinner out. But wanting to do something different, Beatrice suggested we head up the I-280 to Palo Alto. Then she made reservations at what turned out to be a fantastic Mediterranean place called Evvia, right off University Ave. Our reservation was for 6:30, earlier than our habitual 7-8. Upon arrival, the place was packed with sophisticated looking diners. Yep,…Read More

Free the Animal: A Manifesto – Version 2.0

OK, I’ve been picking at this for the last week here and there, expanding it quite a lot, making the integrations as wide as I can without tons more text. This is Part 1. I think I did a decent job incorporating most of the idea in comments. many were incorporated into existing theses. Manifesto: A public declaration of principles and intentions. Version 2.0 1. You must think yourself lean and thin, and strong and healthy…to…Read More

Specialization Screws You, One Way or Another

I love my specialist doctor friends who now spend most of their time generalizing. ….At least that’s my take on it. I think it’s a good thing. ~~~ I recall pretty clearly when I first learned there was any such thing as a medical specialist. Before that, I had no idea there was any such thing. I suppose cars are a good example. No matter what the issue, dad would take the car down to…Read More