Ricky Graham, Fat Bastard, Parts 2 and 3

Here’s Part 1. Ricky is passionate about what he’s done. More importantly, and since Americans make up the preponderance of readership, he’s an Englishman — and so you’re seeing how badly it could have gone for you. Joking. You know, I’ve blogged about traveling the world, and always when sitting at a bar enjoying a…Read More

Hey Steve…

It took me longer than most, but this October marks year four. It also marks the time of no turning back, of what was I thinking?, of I can’t wait to see what’s next, and above all, a heartfelt thanks. I loved computers again. No, I loved getting things done, again. You made my life immeasurably…Read More

The Increasing Paleo Masturbation

A comment on my recent interview of real, which isn’t Paleo Masturbatory: Great interview!! That’s the same here with me and my fiance…we just had reached a point where we said, “I can’t keep doing this! something’s gotta change.” 30 pounds later!! Still have many more to go…but we’re on our way! My reply: It is…Read More

Ricky Graham, “Fat Bastard.” Part 1

I did this interview in 3 parts, but the 3rd is pretty short. Here’s part one, which embeds all his Fat Bastard photos. Not sure what exactly I’ll publish in terms of his story — with before and after photos on Thursday. I just don’t know. For right now, this is all I’m putting out…the…Read More

It Really is Your Life

Since I was a child, I got the idea, somehow — call it religion, culture or some combination — that my life was a rehearsal for better things to come. I was not too sternly chastised for my early stupidities, nor too sternly admonished for my teenage hormonal cascade…and was blessed and encouraged once I…Read More

“Save a pretzel for the gas jets”

Got 2 minutes for a good laugh? Ha! “Bad Lip-Reading,” Rick Perry. Personally, I can’t get enough of this sort of thing. More, please. As we begin this run up to the next phase of agitation, hand wringing and jubilation over who you get to have as your next zookeeper, it is a noble thing…Read More