The 21 Convention: My Presentation to 20-Somethings

This may not be for everyone, and it’s pretty long, but take a look if you like. I was asked to speak at this year’s convention in Orlando, Florida, in July and the video has just come out on YouTube. I believe it’ll be promoted on The 21 Convention site around December 8 or so,…Read More

Holiday Odds & Ends & PGP Food Pics

Be careful out there. I’m signed up to do the mashed potatoes & giblet gravy for the Big Meal on Thursday. I’ll also do some green beans with bacon. Will I be able to resist a dab of taters & gravy? We’ll see. Note: PGP = “Pretty Good paleo.” The geeks get it. In a…Read More

I Have a Book Contract

Last week I received a curious email that I almost disregarded, because it came right out and said they wanted to publish a book with me. Then I looked more closely. And then I clicked over to a link. Then I Googled to see what they’re up to and found all sorts of recent, relevant…Read More

Wild Elk Steaks Sous Vide

A few days back I mentioned getting some wild elk meat from my brother’s recent hunting trip in Montana. Saturday evening we had some friends over and I’d decided to set up the Sous Vide Supreme for the first time in a while. My taste for this method of cooking goes back just over two…Read More

Sunday Rock: “God Shuffled His Feet”

…And it’s really more Sunday Ballad than rock, but since almost all rock bands do ballads, we’ll give it a pass. This was inspired by a Twitter follower with whom I just had an exchange, @DailySuicide. For about 20 years or so I have liked entertaining the concept: “Outcompeting God.” The idea is, when 1st…Read More

Clean Paleo Food Pics

I haven’t blogged everything I’ve been eating in the CleanPaleosphere, so here’s some catchup. Click on all the images to get the Full Monty. Belly Bacon and Back Bacon in One Beatrice Made Albondigas and It’s About Time Tom Yum Gai This one is leftovers from this, because we only ate half. As I’d mentioned,…Read More

The Perfect Burger, Pure Paleo and an Elk Kill

The other night I happened to click into the Food Network just as a show called Restaurant Impossible was beginning; and I was kinda hooked right away. I liked chef Robert Irvine right off the bat: his compassion for struggling restaurant entrepreneurs, combined with his tough love and deep understanding of what makes a restaurant work.…Read More

Full Circle: Meat Eaters Really Are Selfish

The news didn’t shock or surprise me when it came out last August. The Dutch Daily News: “Meat brings out the worst in people. This is what psychologists of the Radboud University Nijmegen and Tilburg University concluded from varrious studies on the psychological significance of meat. Thinking of meat makes people less socially and in…Read More

30-Day Clean Paleo Challenge Update 3

Here’s where we got this ball rolling. So, beginning day five, here are my impressions so far. It’s beginning to feel a lot more like how it felt as I was losing weight over the first year & a half, which is to say, very good; bulletproof. Marked reduction in nasal congestion. Zero bouts of…Read More

Tiny Dick Update

It’s How You Use It …And if you got the ‘short’ end of the stick, har, har…you simply need to learn how to keep it steady indefinitely; and marshall your allies; i.e., tongue & fingers. Others use the law to make up for “shortcomings.” Like Joseph I. Marchese. If he even has a dick, it must…Read More

Subscribe to My Free Newsletter and Feel the Hype

OK, so see over to the right, I now have a signup for a free newsletter where you can be an “insider” hype-hype-hype, you get the inside scoop before anyone else bullshit-bullshit-bullshit, and you don’t want to miss out on this hype-hype-hype. ….And oh, the offer is only good for the next 48 hours bullshit-bullshit-bullshit,…Read More

30-Day Clean Paleo Challenge Update 2

The original announcement and first update are here and here, just in case you want to join us. A couple dozen or so have informally signed up, so you can check out their comments too, as we go along. In the end, those comments from real folks living everyday lives are going to be the…Read More

30-Day Clean Paleo Challenge Update 1

The biggest surprise about my post last Saturday announcing my latest insanity was how many people signed up to go insane right along with me. I’ve lost count, but there must be close to a couple dozen from the comments. I suppose the only valid conclusion one can draw is that this won’t hurt very…Read More

Self-Experiment Time: Squeaky Clean Paleo for 30 Days

Lately I’ve been considering a simple fact: in all the time since I began my personal journey beginning in the spring of 2007 — that resulted in 60 pounds of fat loss, massive reduction in blood pressure, cessation of prescription medications, fabulous lean muscle and strength gains and a host of other lifestyle improvements —…Read More


I just realized a bit ago that it was 8 years, 2 days, and 3,000 posts ago that I published my first blog post. A Beginning Well, It’s a start. For several years I have wanted to create a website to serve as the primary outlet for my ideas and commentary. So this is it,…Read More

Of The Beast and The Bi-Cameral Mind, Part I

You’re at Free the Animal, but what kind of animal are you? You’re less strong, less fast, and less a tree prodigy than almost all other primates. And yet, you rule the Earth. Importantly. …After all, do you have envy of wandering into the forest, trying to strike up a conversation? Of course not, because…Read More