See You in 2012; It’s Gonna Be Brutal

People will be masturbating all year over who’s going to rule them next Not me. I’m going to make fun of everyone who has even the slightest interest. And you get to make fun of me, if you like. But I’ll always be able to say one thing you can’t: nobody should rule anyone; nobody…Read More

The Book: The Flinch

First, the punchline: the book is free. It’s called The Flinch. It’s part of Seth Godin’s The Domino Project with Amazon. The Author is Julien Smith, NYT best-selling author of Trust Agents. Julien & I connected when he did MovNat last year, and then also began doing Leangains consulting with Martin Berkhan. And then, he contributed a…Read More

What You’re Up Against Update

Hope everyone is enjoying the day after Christmas. One more week to go, and it’s back to life as usual. Got an email the other day and thought I’d share it. The subject of the email: paleo Discrimination I decided to write this for two reasons: First, I want to make others aware of the…Read More

Vegetarians and Vegans Get Well Deserved Bare-Assed Spanking

“Why a group of longtime vegetarians and vegans converted to the idea that flesh and other food from animals can be healthful, environmentally appropriate, and ethical” That’s the kicker to this new piece in The Atlantic: Eating Animals. As Americans gather around holiday tables this year, many of us will be setting places for vegetarians…Read More

What’s in the Free the Animal Book Chapter by Chapter?

This is a draft, so there may be some changes by the time it actually comes out. And the bullets are just general descriptions of what’s in the chapters, not the sub-headings, of which each chapter contains quite a few. ~~~ Free The Animal 1: Losing Weight And Fat The Primal Way Drawing on evolutionary…Read More

Book Update: Here’s the Cover. Live Soon

 Updates to follow.   One guy on Twitter, when I uploaded this earlier, tweeted: “it’s not pretty, but I’ll buy your book anyway.” Yea, these things are subjective to the max. All I really hope for is that it’s ultimately judged in context of the intention: That it’s actually read. Non-fiction books are notorious for…Read More

Beef and Chicken Liver Pâté

Well this is a fist for Free the Animal: two posts on beef liver back-to-back. But why not? The last post still has a good amount of comment enthusiasm going for it, and I’d break it down into those who love liver and have their ways of doing it—from raw to well done—those who just…Read More

High Nutrition for Pennies: Liver and Onions

I caught a cold I haven’t been able to shake much. I woke up with it the day after finishing the book—likely the result of a compromised immune system from the stress and long hours at work over the preceding days. Or, it’s just what happens sometimes. I really can’t remember the last time I…Read More

A Free the Animal 1st Book Update (IT’S DONE!)

A couple of weeks ago when I got access to the shared Google doc by the head editor at Hyperink—the doc that included the production schedule, responsibilities, instructions, proposed outline for the book and the actual book drafting space—my first thought was that they were all smoking something that was not being shared with me.…Read More

Farewell to [Debunking] Paleo

So apparently, there’s a new series of videos by some vegan advocate called “Primitive Nutrition;” and no, equally apparently, he’s not talking about the plankton and shit our way-way back bi-valve ancestors ate. He picks and chooses his ancestors, just like we do, but perhaps a bit wayer back. I think he’s up to 71…Read More

My Free the Animal Book, Repartee

Yea, I blogged about it yesterday. And yea, shame level is pretty nil. That is, I love this, finally, and I’m probably gonna pump it, a bit. If you don’t like it, fine. If you don’t care, fine, and thanks for reading anyway. …Or, judge for yourself; as is, essentially, the theme of the book. You…Read More

The Free the Animal Book is on its way

As I reported a while back, I finally entered into a book deal after much consideration and consternation over the past 2-3 years over just how I wanted to approach this. The basic history is that I first began thinking of this in 2008, about a year or so into the whole paleo thing. But…Read More

Don’t Listen to Me. Listen to Dr. Terry Wahls, Cured from Debilitating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) On a Paleo Diet

As so many commenters on various posts point out from time to time, almost nobody will listen to them about their “Paleo Diet,” even in spite of dramatic weight loss, usually accompanied by equally dramatic health improvements. The reasons are usually similar: “you’re not a doctor;” “it’s just a fad;” “grains are in the Bible,…Read More

Whole30 Paleo: How I Failed But Succeeded

Before I get to the details of my month long experiment that ended yesterday, here’s one of the last meals I made. Texas – Thai Chili Fusion I had a package of ground beef on hand and suggested to Beatrice that I make a Thai curry with some onion and white sweet potato, or a…Read More

Manual Labor for a Clear Head: Clearing Wood

We’d been wanting to do some serious tree trimming for a while in our hugely overgrown yard. And while I can get to spots here and there with a pole trimmer, and perhaps a ladder, the job just isn’t going to be right or comprehensive unless one actually gets up in the tree. Prudence dictates…Read More

Three Small Appliances I Quite Like

I don’t like single use tools in general. Sometimes I make exceptions. ~ The other day I went out to a local place where you can get various kitchen appliances, intending to get one thing, walking out with three things. Fist, the one thing I intended to get. I’ve seen advertised the Sodastream, where you make…Read More