Ice Cream with Bacon Bits

I didn’t suppose this was really anything new, given the vast array of things that seem to come with bacon—not to mention the saying that everything’s better with bacon. I’ve even tried one of the dark chocolate bar brands that contains tiny bits of bacon—not enough in my view. …I engaged in two indulgences on…Read More

Heading Out

Taking the rest of the day and weekend off and heading out of town, since I’ll be turning 51 on Sunday. Circumstances could be better. The bit of possible food poisoning incident I blogged about the other day appears to have morphed into a full blown head cold, with all the usual symptoms. But that’s…Read More

More Clues Toward Determining Optimum Vitamin D Levels

Yesterday I got an interesting email from The Vitamin D Council reporting on a new study that measures the vitamin D levels of the Masai and Hadzabe of Africa. It seems there’s a good amount of epidemiology for vitamin D levels in people with various illness and disease; as well, there’s epidemiology for disease incidence…Read More

What Do You Do When You’re Sick?

Last evening, I went to dinner with Dave Asprey of BulletProofExcec, Grace—AKA Dr. BG—of AnimalPharm (link removed), and Patrick, creator of PaleoHacks. Grace’s lovely sister and my lovely wife Beatrice were also in attendance. It was at Birk’s, in Santa Clara. They have grassfed steaks. Dave knew this, and actually metioned it in the podcast…Read More

The Paleo Health & Longevity Spectrum

Got a comment from longtime reader, commenter and fellow pilot, Bill Strahan. …Have you considered looking at or writing about why you pursue what you do in regards to diet, exercise, and health? For me I consider it a triple point optimization: I want to feel great, I want to perform well, and I want…Read More

C’mon Man!

One of the more amusing parts of Monday Night Football is the C’mon Man! segment. It’s exactly what I thought first, when I saw Charles Barkley doing the “Lose Like a Man” campaign for Weight Watchers and then today, I see Terry Bradsaw in there for Nutrisystem. C’mon Man! Let’s review, men: Meat. Fish. Fowl.…Read More

So Richard, How’s the New Paleo 101 Book Going So Far?

I’m so glad you asked. But first, thanks so much to the hundreds of you who’ve popped for it, with zero refunds (just confirmed by the publisher). I’m in this for the long haul, which means: I want there to be something out there that’s inexpensive, quick, easy to read and gets that random person…Read More

“The Animal Club”

So I’ve chosen the name of the forum and I hope you detect the double entendre. The developers are now working to install and configure. I’ll be using the bbPress platform for its clean and streamlined pizzaz. One of the big reasons I hardly use forums is for all the clutter bullshit. I also have…Read More

Photos of Yesterday

Beatrice took some photos yesterday of our outing to Capitola. Since I’ve already posted two entries for today, why not go for broke and just do a third? It was an epic day, much like we’ve been having regularly, with temps into the low 70s even—in mid January. I’ve sunbathed in the backyard a couple…Read More

Do You Animals Want a Forum?

Well, the question is presented. Do you want one, as raucously paleo as I can make it? No moderation except obvious spam? Let me know what you think in comments. And if you rarely or never comment but would participate in a forum, I’d especially like to hear from you and to get your insight…Read More

He “Woks” the Talk and Talks to the Wok

Every now and then I see something that simply must be shared immediately. But more than that, promoted. Since I’m not the only one with a great talent for entertaining those who show up, I often like to highlight those with far less talent, but who try hard. …Are you kidding me?…because, I don’t kid…Read More

A Day Off From Book Promotion

I did not expect to be spending all weekend drumming up interest for my Beyond the Blog book. In fact, I had not planned to do anything at all until tomorrow, given the weekend, holiday, etc. And then I asked myself: is that how you do things, Richard? And so I just went for it,…Read More

My “Beyond the Blog” Book is Available

Just a quick announcement that the book is finally available after the normal number of snags here & there, including the holidays getting in the way. I’ll perhaps have more to write about the book later. I read through it very carefully last Saturday morning for the purpose of touch-ups here & there. I came…Read More

My Delayed Eulogy For The World’s Top Intellectual and Writer

I’m guessing many of my most astute readers will already know who this is about. So let’s give a clue to everyone else by means of a quote. Beware the irrational, however seductive. Shun the ‘transcendent’ and all who invite you to subordinate or annihilate yourself. Distrust compassion; prefer dignity for yourself and others. Don’t…Read More

Butterfat Basted Eggs & Meatloaf and TGIF FunStuff

Three days, three food posts. In addition to doing a lot of cooking lately, I’m doing a lot of leftovers instead of letting them sit in the fridge to rot. After yesterday’s meatloaf post, I did just that. Simple as can be. Slice pretty thin, fry it quickly in a good amount of butter (30…Read More