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Butterfat Basted Eggs & Meatloaf and TGIF FunStuff

Three days, three food posts.

In addition to doing a lot of cooking lately, I’m doing a lot of leftovers instead of letting them sit in the fridge to rot. After yesterday’s meatloaf post, I did just that.

Simple as can be. Slice pretty thin, fry it quickly in a good amount of butter (30 seconds to 1 min per side), remove to a plate, add more butter if you need to, pop in the eggs, and as soon as the whites firm up a bit, tilt the pan, get a spoonful of butter and baste your eggs continuously until the whites are done.

Click to open the hi-res versions.

Fried Eggs & Meatloaf

Here’s the artsy fartsy shot.

Freid Eggs Meatloaf, round 2

Yes, very tasty indeed.

And here, for the TFIF FunStuff, remember Ray Audette? Back in 2000 and prior to Cordain I believe, he wrote NeanderThin: Eat Like a Caveman to Achieve a Lean, Strong, Healthy Body. I haven’t read it myself, but others give it good marks. I actually remember seeing this 48 Hours segment way back in 2000 when it aired. That was when I still watched news and newsmagazine programs. All in all, pretty solid—the great thing about paleo being that the message remains pretty consistent—until Dean “Cubby Face” Ornish chimes in.

I think it’s pretty damn cool he has a hawk to hunt small prey with. I really love hawks, but the only time I’ve been close to one is in the air, on various ridges and thermals, in a hang glider. Friendly as hell and they’ll get much closer to you in that—their—element. Look closely and they’ll show you were the best lift is. Then you can scientifically confirm they’re right when the chirp rate on your variometer begins increasing.

So here’s a 1 minute HG video from last July coving the launch & landing for a 30-40 minute flight, set to music I like.

And this cracked me up when I saw it in the Facebook stream this morning.

Otherwise, check out this bit on Wikipedia: Evolution as fact and theory.

From the archives, a decent innuendo FAIL I found a while back.

Innuendo Fail

Last but not in the slightest sense least: Go 49ers!

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