Gluten Free, Low-Carb and Near Paleo Meat Loaf

Been cooking a lot lately. So why not do food posts? Last night’s meal was Gluten Free, Low-Carb and Near paleo Meat Loaf. It was about 2.5 pounds of grassfed beef, 2 eggs, chopped onion, 1/2 tsp each of salt & pepper, big tbs each of Trader Joe’s organic ketchup and yellow mustard, handful of fresh…Read More

A Very Low Carb Meal and a Moderate Carb Meal

To demonstrate what I mean by mixing things up, not trying to go for the same macronutrient ratios all the time, here’s two examples from dinners two days in a row, yesterday and the night before. First up is a simple Burger, Sauce & Salad. Since first posting about getting to the perfect burger, I’ve…Read More

Malnutrition –> Health Degeneration –> Obesity & Other Diseases of Civilization

Notice I don’t have carbohydrates, per se, in that chain of causality. The idea, simply stated, is that perhaps the very root and fundamental cause of obesity and other “diseases of civilization”—obesity being a good ill-health marker—is malnutrition. But, because food is plentiful and we’re not talking about malnutrition in terms of chronic caloric deficit,…Read More

Don’t Eat Like Melody Cherny

It happens every now and then. Some veggie nutrition geek gets his or her first gig for a publication, and then maybe earns some healthy whole grains and hummus money. If you Google Melody Cherny, it does appear that this is her first and only published article so far; an opinion piece in Food Safety…Read More

A Look Back at 2011 and What’s in Store For 2012

I had in mind this morning to do a little checking on how things went in 2011 as compared to 2010, provide a bit of a summary, and muse on about what I intend for 2012. I’ve finally decided I like blogging, by the way. Here’s the Google Analytics for 2011 rounded to the nearest…Read More