Synthesis: Low-Carb and Food Reward/Palatability, and Why Calories Count

This is a post that’s been sorta relaxing, sipping scotch in the back of my mind since last August after the Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS11). It has to do with the dispute and controversy between Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat, and Dr. Stephan Guyenet, a long time health blogger at Whole Health Source; and more recently, a full-fledged obesity researcher. In full disclosure, I’ve known and corresponded…Read More

Guest Post By Matt Stone Commenter Daniel on Paleo Myths (Eventually)

So it has been a slightly weird couple of days. On a total lark when feelin’ fine after potatoes, I took on a grin, sucked it up, and emailed Anthony Colpo. …Listen, I’ve had a bit of fun with a couple of posts in the past on the subject, and Mike Eades is a friend of mine, and all of that…but I’ve been peeking at some of the stuff Anthony has been writing lately, and…Read More

The Moderate Starchy Carbohydrate Experiment

Saturday toward the end of my post I proposed another of my self experiments. Alright. Time for a bit of self experimentation. Today is Saturday, 2/25 and as providence would have it, I’m recording another podacst with the great low-carb diet advocate Jimmy Moore next Friday, 3/2 (rather than the usual months, it will air a few days later, like the 5th or 6th, I believe). Jimmy believes in the health and benefits of low-carb,…Read More

Why ‘Low-Carb For Everyone’ Advocate Kevin Geary Got Himself Banned

A few days ago I posted about hungry kids on a paleo diet. At the time of this Saturday posting, the comment thread stands at 211 comments. There were 212 a few minutes ago before I deleted one and hit the ban button. From the time the post went up, many people with actual experience with kids advised one, the other or both of a couple of things: plenty of, or more fat, and more…Read More

Shrimp & Crunchy Veggies – Pot Roast Stuffed Potato

A couple of brief descriptions and food pics for today, then Beatrice & I will be heading over the hill to Santa Cruz to enjoy the epic sunshine and celebrate our 11th year of having the State of California officially recognize our relationship. 🙂 In my last order with US Wellness Meats to try out their liverwurst and a few other things, I was delightfully surprised when the order arrived. There was a note in…Read More

My Paleo Kids are Hungry All The Time!!! Help!!!

I got an email from a reader last night that sparked an interest in me and I immediately decided to do a blog about it…the kind where hopefully readers with far more experience than I chime in. My problem is with my kids. I handle the cravings pretty well, and the kids are compliant with my decision to eliminate grains, sugar and legumes…However, they are constantly hungry (or think they are). We are very fit…Read More

Pork Carnitas Stuffed Sweet Potato

This is ridiculously fast and simple, provided you have your carnitas on hand already, or get some from a local mexican market or restaurant. In my case I had a package on hand from Trader Joe’s. Here’s the whole process. Nuke or bake your sweet potato. If you nuke it, I find that about 5 minutes does the trick, perhaps 7 minutes for a big one. I use white sweet potatoes almost exclusively, as I…Read More

Roundup: Lustig on Sugar on NPR, Vegan Orthorexia, and Adolf Hitler on Saturated Fat & Eating Paleo

~ While I often catch at least part of Ira Flatow’s Science Friday on NPR, here’s a segment I missed last Friday: Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Alcohol? Well, of course, the question tends to assume the premise: namely, that alcohol should be regulated. Sure it should, by any human being who consumes it, or their direct guardians. Same for sugar, or anything, really. So I guess what they’re really talking about is it being regulated…Read More

Comrade Child: Your Lunchbox, Please

[Edited for satirical clarity.] FTAWIRE — A Comrade child at West Hoke People’s Elementary School ate three people’s chicken nuggets for lunch Jan. 30 because the school told her the lunch her proletariat mother packed was not nutritious. The Comrade girl’s turkey and cheese sandwich: banana, potato chips, and apple juice did not meet either Food Commissar or Amerikan Agricultural guidelines, according to the interpretation of the the representative of the Nomenclatura who was inspecting all…Read More

BWVAKTBOOM: Vegan Male Sexual Performance Propaganda

The thing about propaganda as distinct from plain old lying—to my mind at least—is that propaganda techniques are required when the lie is a really big one; like when the truth is the exact 180 degree opposite. So what propaganda seeks to achieve is to set up a suggestion or expectation, and confirmation bias and the placebo effect does the rest. For example, if it’s drummed into you that Jews are the cause of all your…Read More

Let’s Take Down Another Know-Nothing Dietitian/Journalist: Jennifer Motl

It comes to pass that every now and then, some dietitian—likely subscribed to various resources that newspapers use to source freelance writers for various things—gets a gig to write about “paleo.” Or “caveman,” or whatever. They botch it every time. Why? It’s very simple. They just assume that anything that contradicts their Food, Inc. and Drug, Inc. financed training has to be wrong. I last did Melody Cherny. Now it’s time to do Jennifer Motl.…Read More

If You Want the Brats to Sit Down, Shut Up and Eat, Then Get Paleo Pals

Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship I’m imminently qualified to review this book. Kids annoy me more than they don’t, talk about silly stuff that doesn’t interest me, will believe just about anything they’re told (unless by someone who really knows), and most of all: I don’t have kids. See? So let’s get on with it. “I don’t want to eat my carrots. I don’t like chicken. I hate coconut milk.” “Shut up,…Read More

A Johnny Cash Eulogy for Whitney Houston

Email about 4pm PST yesterday, from Beatrice, on a girl’s weekend…in Pismo Beach, subject implied. Dead at 48. It was Saturday afternoon, I’d been doing some work earlier, cracked open the whiskey…only minutes before. I read that email, went out to the patio, and I wept for her. I always rooted for Whitney. It was about early 1990s—mid-30s—when I finally acquired my maternal grandfather’s ease of weeping when emotion takes hold. I can recall, as…Read More

If You Don’t Want to Buy A Cookbook From a Hot Cavegirl, Then You’re Probably Not Paleo

Alright, so now I can check the Jeff Foxworthy reference off my list. Ok, I just made that up. I have no list, and Foxworthy hasn’t crossed my mind in years. …But I suspect you’ll have a harder time having Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan not cross your mind from time to time. Yea, she was a RollerGirl star. MelWhip Use your imagination. Loincloth bikinis a-la Raquel…hair pulling…biting and scratching. Yea! Oh, and yea: it was all…Read More

My Furry Little Mouse Friend Bit The Dust

I can’t be sure this is the same friend I saw one night up in the metal awning structure in my backyard well over a year ago. They all look the same. But maybe the eye contact wasn’t just generic. He looked at me for a bit, as if to size me up, then scurried off. I went and got a fresh fig off the tree, placed it where he’d been, and the next morning…Read More

Is totally worthless? (Shadowbanning)

And/or, are they a bunch of cloistered pussies? As always, you get to be the judge. Remember that, because I’ll repeat it. Says there’s about 10,300+ readers…so one would not think it worthless offhand. After all, those 10K readers could up vote a decent paleo post and perhaps get it onto the front page (such as I understand Reddit, but I don’t claim expertise). So I hadn’t submitted my posts to Reddit in a while,…Read More

Welcome BuzzFeed Readers

If you’ve buzzed over here from there, thanks for giving the blog a look, welcome, and so on. 10 Things Cavemen Did That We Should Still Do Today 15 Celebrities Who Look Like Modern Day Cavemen 10 Reasons Cavemen Were Badasses Plenty of stuff here about Paleo, caveman and so on if you want to have a look around. And yes, there’s a newly published book that gives all the ins-n-outs in a short read,…Read More

My Podcast Interview with Dave Asprey & Armi Legee at The Bulletproof Executive

A month os so back I had a chance to get with Dave & Armi and chat for about an hour about many things self-experimental in the whole Paleo realm. It was a really good time, magnified later by the opportunity to meet Dave at a local steakhouse for dinner. And let me tell you what fun that was. Bio-Hacking Geek doesn’t begin to describe Dave. At any rate, here’s the link to the podcast…Read More

How About We Just “Make It Paleo”?

For my next “give back” segment, let me start off with a criticism. Don’t you just loath those two sweethearts, staring into each other’s eyes, as though you and I don’t matter? The youth of it? And just damn them for finding out about healthful living when they get to enjoy it to its fullest now (and I’m sure, you can only imagine…). Bill Staley and Hayley Mason—and I’m sure I’m not the first to…Read More

Peanut Butter in Sauce For a Burger?

First off, this might go better with chicken…but it was a spur of the moment idea, and I had burgers in the oven. I’m not going to take the time to link, but I’ve been on the quest for the perfect burger—whether pan searing first, then finishing in the oven, baking first and finishing off in the pan, or grilling alone. The latest attempt was to have relatively thin burgers, not pressed, but gently formed,…Read More