Something for Nothing

Waiting for the winds of change To sweep the clouds away Waiting for the rainbow’s end To cast its gold your way Countless ways You pass the days Waiting for someone to call And turn your world around Looking for an answer to The question you have found Looking for An open door You don’t get something for nothing You don’t get freedom for free You won’t get wise With the sleep still in your…Read More

Go Take the 2012 Paleo Community Survey Now

I’m a bit late for this, but it’s still running. I don’t know for how long, so do it now. Takes but a few minutes. The 2012 paleo Community Survey is Active To see an example of the data produced, check out the results from last year (PDF), in which over 6,000 folks participated.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the…Read More

Guest Post: The Difference Between Eating Paleo and Being Paleo

  by Russ Crandall As the Paleo FX Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium (so glad they didn’t go with the long version of the event’s name) wound down last week, it felt like the Paleo blogging world and its faithful audience (hereafter “Paleosphere”) had worked itself up into a frenzy. Over what, I’m not quite sure. It may have just been the gathering of like-minded individuals with strong online presences. What left a…Read More

Onward by Moving Forward

My last post being 10 days ago, this has got to be the longest stretch of “time off” since my first few years of blogging. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a few days without a post since going paleo-ish. So what’s up? Well, a few things, roughly outlined as follows: I’m going through major changes in my professional life. After 20 years as an entrepreneur, building a successful company, etc., I decided some…Read More

Simple Moderate Starch Paleo Meals (Photos)

Here’s just a few things I’ve put together over the last week or so. I’m trying to keep things simple, basic, and quick. For example, to make mashed taters, I toss the whole potato in the microwave for 5-7 minutes, the skin easily slides right off, a bit of butter, heavy cream or sour cream, sal pepper and you’ve got mashed potatoes. Let it cool a bit, add in an egg, mix it up and…Read More

For What It’s Worth

There’s Sumthin’ Happenin’ Here I just got my first royalty check from Hyperink. Nope, not riches, but not chump change either. Thank you; and the promotion where you can buy one and give away five for free is going on indefinitely. So hurry, because I might get definitive. Apparently I was their top selling book of all titles in January and February, and have been invited to write another. What shall it be? I rather…Read More

The Moderate Carbohydrate Flu

In the week since I last tossed something up relevant to the recent LC and Food Reward goings on, I was highly motivated to retreat to my cave and comfort zone, potato in belly. I had this post in mind almost immediately thereafter, but just couldn’t sit down to write it. Now I am. The title is my response to the very strident low carbers who, it seems, don’t recall that some initially going low…Read More

New Study: Driving & Watching Red Meat Can Kill You

Oops, I got my studies all confused, there. I also don’t seem to have a category named, simply, Stupid Shit. I’ll have to think about that. I have to begin by apologizing to whomever came up with this idea first, because it wasn’t me. I think I saw it on someone’s blog yesterday and then the news articles began pouring in via email and comments on existing posts. Whomever that was, if you see this,…Read More

What If You Had To Explain 21st Century Humanity to a Smart Alien?

I went through about a half-dozen potential post titles and that one remained A in the A/B self-mental test, throughout. So there. And yes, I do have a next post in the series we’ve been commenting about (Whooooooa! 655 and still trickling), but I require more deliberation before I put it out there. So I’m taking a break of sorts. As someone who writes probably more than a writer who makes a real living at…Read More

My Podcast with The Delightful Jimmy Moore

Some criticize Jimmy for his seemingly endless advocacy of a low-carb diet in spite of perceived and cited evidence and experience (In the opinion and judgment of some). All the while, I’m in the midst of blogging about LC criticism and speculation. And yet, I have no need of attacking Jimmy or LC folks at all. What gives? I get it. He, in that capacity of his podcast, is an advocate. But—and I listen to…Read More

Food Reward: “There’s Always Room For Dessert”

Well, I had no idea that when I hit publish last week—Synthesis: Low-Carb and Food Reward/Palatability, and Why Calories Count—that it would turn out to be about the most popular post I’ve ever put up, beating out my original post on the no soap or shampoo experiment in numbers of comments. Comments number 619 as I write this! On Friday, I recorded a podcast with jimmy moore that airs tomorrow, 3/6. This topic was a large…Read More

Book Promotion: Buy One Copy and Give Away Five Copies for Free!

Just a quick note to let you know that today, we launched a promotion for my book, with Amazon reviews currently sitting with 22 of 24 as 5 of 5-star. FOR A LIMITED TIME, IT’S NOW EASY FOR YOU TO INTRODUCE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. PURCHASE ONE COPY FROM ANY OUTLET (E-BOOK OR PRINT) AND GIVE FIVE E-BOOK COPIES AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE! DETAILS ARE IN THE BACK OF THE BOOK. Available from: Hyperink in PDF, Amazon…Read More