Make Your Life Count Big

The blog goes dark until further notice. That is, no posts, no responses to comments, no responses to all the comments I have yet to respond to. You win. I just got word about a an hour ago that one of my favorite people on planet Earth—a cousin—just enough older than me by a few years…Read More

Free the Animal World Headquarters

Oh Ye of Little Faith I wish I had a nickel for every admonishment to not go there. But, there are minds out there. Notice, nearly 500 comments on my post about failed government, failed institutional religion, and how people get chewed up—and in the meta-sense, just, simply, how a lot of things are a…Read More

Book Promotion and Short Promo Video

Well, I’ve done a decent number of videos around here but never accounted for the fact that it’s harder—way harder—to do a 1:30 video than something that goes for far longer. Just not much room for much error. So I flailed around doing this, this afternoon, in-betwixt bewilderment over the crazy comment thread on my…Read More

Why Do Human Animals Behave Like That?

I had not intended for my last post about food quality and a certain sacredness about this thing we call Paleo to go totally off the rails into politics and social structures in comments, but it pretty much did anyway. Thank Shaun. …Which prompted me, since I’d been saving up ideas to use in a…Read More

Is Paleo a Sacred Grassfed Cow?

Count me surprised. At 140 comments so far on my last post about being a blogger first, expanding my topical area beyond just Paleo diet and exercise mostly, the support is pretty damn remarkable. Even some commenters like Nakhil Hogan who disagree with me on my approach to politics (stop voting, fer crissakes!), have their…Read More

Raw Carrots? WTF?

I’m soundly and reflexively opposed to the notion of “super foods”—particularly since when such moronic stupidity is uttered and then published far & wide—in every health section of any outlet you can name—it’s always…no, fucking always, about some silly plant. There are only a few “super foods,” and liver tops the list. Bread—or any grain…Read More

How Do You Know What You Know?

The problem—if there is one—with very intelligent people is that it’s only relative, and they often don’t recognize it. The very most intelligent and knowledgeable person in the world a few thousand years ago could not hold a candle to your average 8-yr-old gamer, today. There have been millions of amazingly intelligent people throughout history…Read More

Guest Post: Your Backyard Kettlebell Workout

I don’t do a lot of guest posts. In fact, when I do, it’s almost always where I see something or someone and seek it out myself. I summarily delete a half dozen guest post proposal spam per day. This one wasn’t spam. It struck me as a reasonable, great entry point for almost anyone,…Read More

Cold Therapy and Adaptation, and Ray Cronise

I’m first going to generally recap some of my thoughts surrounding the goings on over my previous post covering this topic, now standing at 895 comments. The post covered the controversy over Dr. Jack Kruse and his ideas concerning a “Leptin Reset” and “Cold Thermogenesis.” What I think was accomplished more than anything is what…Read More

Odds, Ends, Trivial BS and Some Sunday Rock

~ I’ve mostly been attending to comments the past few days on my previous post: Jack Kruse: Neurosurgeon. Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis. Controversy. As of this moment, 869 comments, a record smashed. And many by some well knowns in the Paleosphere, like Kurt Harris, Emily Deans, Melissa McEwen. And just as of yesterday, former NASA…Read More