She Blinded Me With Science

Far for being a Luddite, I do love some of the implications being raised in the previous comment thread about the implications of science qua science. After all, we already know that many studies are corrupted, and even relate in abstract in a way that the full text doesn’t really support (because so many only…Read More

Contrast: Squeaking Pips vs Value Producers and Promoters

Warning: This post is vulgarity free. Read at your own risk. For sure, lots of folks are miffed at me in various ways (see comments). Understandable. See, I have this quirky thing about me where I tend to overlook errors, even lots of errors when, on balance—in my exclusive judgment—the balance sheet is in the black. We…Read More

Steve Cooksey Sues the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition in Federal Court: 1st Amendment; Free Speech

While controversy rages in my Paleo circles owing to individual values, choices, assessments, allegiances, bias—and who you’d rather get drunk with—let’s take time away from the window breakers (ref: Bastiat) to highlight and celebrate someone who has never done anything but try to help average folks who don’t read PubMed or medical journals, and don’t…Read More

I Guess James Krieger Wants to Fuck With Me. Let’s Go, James.

My identical comments at his identical postings here (awaiting moderation) and here. I have to draft another post for the morning, 9:30 am EST, and it has to publish precisely to military precision and when you see it, you’ll understand why. So, you’ll have to read Fuckface Keieger’s stupid post yourself, where he tries to impress…Read More

Additional Secrets of the Universe: Paleoish Corn Dogs

Don’t you just love corn dogs? While “femmes importantes” are now setting their sites on the “sins” of the great Robert Lustig…because, hey, that’s what happens when you have no value to add to anyone, pretending instead you offer value by tearing down value…I’m off on a different track, and will continue to do so.…Read More

Fried Egg “Sandwich” Tacos

If you dind’t have fried egg sandwiches as a kid, I’m sorry to say that you will probably never, ever be up to the task of understanding all the Secrets of the Universe. It’s simply a prerequisite. …White bread, mayo on both slices spread liberally so as to ooze, an egg fried in butter—yolk broken…Read More

Can Gay or Effeminate Males be Masculine?

There’s an implicit contradiction in the title, on purpose. If you’re friends with a good number of gay males, as I have been for a long time, you know they run the gamut from “queens” to very masculine, and everything in-between. Sometimes, they can turn it on and off, just like anybody behaves different ways…Read More

Man Alive! Chapter 1: You’re in this all alone.

I was pretty pleased with the discussion thread in comments last week when I first posted about this: Man Alive! A Survival Manual For the Human Mind. Because of that, I thought it would be a reasonable thing to do over the next 12 weeks is to put it up chapter by chapter, every Saturday morning,…Read More

Dr. Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon, is a Big Effing Liar

Now I know I was admonished over and over. For months. By “People.” Many…”People.” Now, mind you: everyone lies. Really. But I’ve always been the sort to dismiss so-called “white lies,” and hyperbole. Moreover, I sit as my own judge in determining for myself whether any particular lie rises to my own standard of outrage—because…Read More

Free the Animal Book Trailer – 2nd Try

Thanks to all the helpful input I got from the 1st try at this, I put together a new one. Short & sweet at 1:15. So sometime this week my publisher will be kicking off a special promotion for the book, for which sales are still remarkably going very well—in spite of the odd silly…Read More

Man Alive! A Survival Manual For the Human Mind.

I read this free 75-page ebook in the space of a few hours Sunday before last and knew immediately that I wanted to feature it here. It’s one of the most interesting and unique liberty, individualist, egoist, anti-autharitorian (of all kinds) books I’ve ever read—and I’ve read a lot of them. It’s not only about…Read More

Dr. Jack Kruse Booted from Carnival 2012 Low Carb Cruise

Yesterday afternoon I got wind of the story. Here’s one. A Nashville neurosurgeon was escorted off a Carnival Cruise Line ship Sunday after a post on Twitter led authorities to believe the doctor was planning a bioterrorist attack. The tweet appeared to come from Dr. Jack Kruse and made it seem as though he was…Read More

What Would Jorge Do?

Thursday afternoon, I finally managed to get myself up off my weeping, pathetic ass and write the post about my cousin I’d been contemplating over whiskey and cigarettes for four days. I was going to be having dinner that evening with Steve, his brother, a hi-powered LA lawyer (complex business litigation, usually defending companies from…Read More