Brief Update: The Book, Version 2.0

I almost wrote a post last evening just so I could write something for fun. But I was a bit sapped—which continues into today—so I ate a big bowl of my father-in-law’s caldo de res instead. Now, finally, the editors get it back for a couple days before it reverts to me. What’s Version 2.0?...…Read More

World’s Best Multivitamin Dietary Supplement?

Universal’s Uni-Liver Well here we go, two posts about bovine liver, back-to-back. Ha, well, it’s Saturday, so the rules are substantially loosened. And I make the rules anyway. But this liver post is different. It’s about liver supplements. Some week back I was actually wondering if there was any such thing as, like y’know, desiccated...…Read More

A Gnollish Meal and Discussion with J. Stanton

Yes, there was the interview. That was the morning after these photos, that Beatrice snapped candidly over dinner. I myself was so absorbed, that I didn’t even know about them until I updated her computer shit this afternoon and found them on her iPhone. Listen J, Points Come Together. J…VAGINAS…Come Together! Whaaaat? Here, J, Eat...…Read More

Sunday Evening “Guest Post” by Lou Reed

Listen closely from a minute or so in, now. Nighty night. I’m pretty much down with the sun, tonight. …Oh, in case you want to hear a sweet, sweet studio version from Rock & Roll Animal. Don’t forget the name.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and…Read More

The Culture of Obesity

Having lived and traveled in Europe, the so-called Mediterranean Diet (not the faux Mediterranean Diet) has never mystified me. It’s not a diet at all. It’s a culture, and when you live there, travel there a lot, you’ll understand. Here, Let a reader whom I’ll call ‘M’, explain. ~~~ I truly enjoy your no BS...…Read More