Interview at the Site

I always agree to interviews, in podcast or written when asked, so long as the site has some audience or is otherwise relevant or a Paleo/Primal podcaster or writer is trying to do some good and build some content. I always love doing the podcasts, but sometimes the written interviews are a chore and a…Read More

Beatrice & the Misogynist (Me)

Last Saturday, we attended the HS graduation for the son of very dear friends of ours, via India, Pakistan (her and him, respectively), and eventually, the UK and America. Beatrice got 2 of 3 of their sons through 5th grade way better than when they went in, and they have loved her for it every…Read More

James Krieger: Welcome to the Internet, a few years late

Hot Grills, would you go home with this guy? Wanna Fuck? OK, total cheap shot—anyone could do the same with me—but he decides to continue. I already kinda regret the shot, and am fully prepared to lose sleep over it tonight, until weariness overrules my conscience, which I predict will happen between 1am and 3am.…Read More

Help with v2 of the Free the Animal Book

Because of being a consistent best-seller for Hyperink since publishing my book last January, I’ve been approached to do a “Version 2” of the book. As you can see, the cover has already been changed—this, in response to reader feedback. This is why I went with this publishing start-up in the first place. I wanted…Read More

Man Alive! Chapter 2: The nature of your nature

Here’s the post that kicked it all off. This is chapter 2 of 12, to give interested readers the chance to take on the free ebook chapter by chapter over the weekend, debate it amongst themselves, or even challenge the author who’s keeping tabs. ~~~ From: Man Alive! A survival manual for the human mind.…Read More