I’m Outta Here—Hang Gliding

I half heartedly considered putting up something on the blog last night. Went nowhere. Beatrice took me out for sushi instead. I had just put version 2.0 of the book to bed—off to the editor—and we’ll see what comes of it. I ended up working far more on V2 than V1. It’s done for me,...…Read More

Dr. Garth Davis, Surgeon: I Warned You….

Dr. Garth Davis, after having—probably blissfully confident—posted comments in the original Forks Over Knives thread I blogged about (Doctor FAIL: Garth Davis, Bariatric Surgeon (and China Study Balderdash)) basically did the same blissfully confident, dismissive commenting on that post. Such as this: This is one of the funniest yet saddest commentaries I have ever seen. You...…Read More

Coming Full Circle

I’ve tried a lot of stuff over the years. It’s so easy initially, because when you switch to real food in place of processed and fast, there’s a spontaneous reduction in caloric intake for nearly everyone. That’s why both paleo and LC work so well initially for the fat people out there. Amazing how switching...…Read More

Blogging to Resume Shortly

Well, I’m two chapters away from completing version 2.0 of Free the Animal: How to lose weight and fat on The paleo diet. It’s actually been a lot more work than version 1 for me, for various reasons but mostly because I really want to improve it a lot. Anyway, that’s what’s been taking up...…Read More

One For Those Who Don’t Like Me

I’ll sing the praises of tumblr first. “Those” get a brief mention later. I got a micro-blog off and running, as I trumpeted yesterday…and, well, let’s just say I’m impressed with the individuality and anarchy of the thing—as least so far as I’m seeing (exceptions always abound). Literally: there is everything there, as audaciously unabashed and...…Read More

Fat Bread, Part Deux

Here’s part one, where the first attempt was made. While the results for that high-fat, low carb, moderate protein (from eggs, not gluten) bread were decent, I wanted to improve. A bit more rise, a bit less dense, and good adhesion, i.e., sticking together. Success! First, I want to relate something odd but very surprisingly...…Read More

Animal Parts

Well, I’ve taken the tumblr plunge. For some time I’ve checked out various people’s tumblr posts and have always tended to like the micro blogging aspect of how most people do it (far more elegant than Facebook, a bit more panache than Twitter). Often, it’s just a photo or image, no ‘splainin. I’ve often wanted...…Read More

Fat Bread: Paleo Bread Made From Fat

Ha, bet that got your attention. It’s not entirely true, of course, but you’ll see what I mean later. One thing I can tell you up front is that this recipe uses no seed, grain, or nut flour—and neither is it virtually all egg, or egg with cheese, like Oopsie Bread. Backing up a few...…Read More