Free the Animal, The Book, Now in Version 2.0

  It’s finally done and finally out. It’s a bit strange that this was a seemingly longer, more worky work project for me than the first version was. I took a lot of time to go through it word by word, with one primary goal in mind: to get rid of a kinda low-carb bias…Read More

My Response Regarding The Critics

Edited from a comment posted on an unrelated thread after saying I had no comment and being admonished to comment anyway. ~~~ EatLessMoveMoore: OK, I’ll throw you a bone in general—even though I suspect you’re just trying to (nicely and respectfully) bait and goad me into doing what both of those women might dearly love, and…Read More

My Butt Hurts So Bad

Skyler Tanner is, to me, just like one of my brothers in many respects. That is, when together, there is pretty much never a moment of silence and each has a backlog of shit to talk about—more than half forgotten by the time either can get a word in. …Oh, and while in Austin, my…Read More

Misogyny 101

[For an update, please see: Lemons to Lemonade Documentary – Ed] Watch this disgusting video of a bunch of men laughing it up about breast and vaginal mutilation. ….Oh, wait! [For an update, please see: Lemons to Lemonade Documentary – Ed]Read More

The 21 Convention, Austin, TX, 2012

Tomorrow evening when I fly home it’ll be a day or two shy of three full weeks since I began traveling. On August 1st I left for for a 5-day hang gliding trip to Hat Creek which, for the first time since the beginning about 15 years ago, Beatrice could not attend. Upon my return…Read More

AHS12 Whining and Gnashing of Teeth

Update 8/14/2013: Well, one day short of a year since I originally published this. And wowzers did I catch a lot of heat for it. Someone even started a blog specifically to trash me about my “misogyny,” laf. Man, those were the days. I just read through it again for the first time since the couple…Read More

Livebloging #AHS12 When I Feel Like it

It’s 1:30 am. Ran into to Sisson earlier,  on purpose, as he was checking in about an hour after I did. Yan, a longtime reader and geek from Denmark (he was at #AHS11), bought me too many drinks and then I bought him dinner. I had about a dozen raw oysters and steak tartare. All…Read More

#AHS12 Arriving

I’m on the way. Actually, just about an hour only out of Boston. 39,000 feet, though. Earlier, at 37,000 feet, I met someone who knows my blog. She’s 2 rows ahead of me and emailed when she saw me on my computer. Cool. Virgin America VX350, San Francisco to Boston. First time on Virgin, and…Read More

Man Alive! Chapter 10: A Mindful Catalog of Mindlessness

Here’s the post that kicked it all off. This is chapter 10 of 12, to give interested readers the chance to take on the free ebook chapter by chapter over the weekend, debate it amongst themselves, or even challenge the author who’s keeping tabs. ~~~ From: Man Alive! A survival manual for the human mind.…Read More

Hang Gliding the Hat Creek Rim August 2012, Day 1

Headed up to the rim around 5pm, intending for a 6:30ish launch in the glass off (smooth rising air everywhere). Lo & behold, there sits Dave with his tandem wing, whom I’d not seen in a few years. That’s one cool thing about hang gliding: you’ll randomly run into people on mountain tops you haven’t…Read More

Travel, Fun & Lifestyle Update

Headed out Wednesday shortly before noon for the 5-6 hour dive. Destination Hat Creek, CA for camping and hang gliding View Larger Map Wednesday evening was a simpler affair for dinner than is often the case for the 15 years my family and I have been camping here each August. You can click on images…Read More