Saving Private Paleo

What began as my Declaration of Independence from the Paleo Movement last week and culminated in yesterday’s rant shall now continue onward, towards the positive and constructive. Some people mistook my declaration as an abandonment of Paleo. No, in fact, it’s too many others who have abandoned paleo as I see it, I was being…Read More

Oh My Dear Paleo: What am I going to do with you?

In spite of those who make fun of me—including myself—I’m immeasurably better off now than in May of 2007 when I set off on this path incrementally. With blood pressure at 160/100, 80 pounds overfat, congested, sneezy, and itchy constantly, I have had a new life for a while. For years. Perhaps it’s the case…Read More

Fun Shit I Saw in the Last 24 Hours of My Life

Saturday, we headed off to the “chalet” or “cabin,” whichever description suits you best. View From My Meditation Chair We got it back in the early 2000s and it burnt 6 weeks later, after a year and a half legal battle with the previous owner. Last summer, after noting we were spending an awful lot…Read More

Food Photo Fun

Now that phones have better and better cameras, I tend to use them more and more. What I’m primarily looking for—and I’m by no means an expert at this—is to have a situation where no flash is required. Flash just does very awful things to food photos and so I never use it. I do…Read More

My Declaration of Independence From The Paleo Movement

Something’s been weird for a while and I’ve finally identified it. [For an update, please see: Lemons to Lemonade Documentary – Ed] I’ve allowed myself over the last couple of years to become increasingly “defined by” (for lack of a better description) and/or entwined in “The paleo Movement” writ large. It snuck up on me.…Read More

Food Truck Revolution

I guess that owing to not living in a dense urban environment, the “Food Truck Revolution” escaped my notice while I wasn’t watching. Yea, I’d heard bits & pieces here and there—I seem to recall a local public radio show covering some of the antagonisms in Oakland and San Francisco between food truck licensing/permitting and…Read More

Beef Brisket Low & Slow; Paleo BBQ Sauce

I once smoked a brisket years ago but otherwise had never cooked one. From what I gather, it’s a rather tricky meat to cook as it doesn’t have a lot in intramuscular fat, and it’s a muscle meat that gets a lot of work, being as it is, the pectoral muscle of the cow. We…Read More

Man Alive! Chapter 11: Indomitable You

Here’s the post that kicked it all off. This is chapter 11 of 12, to give interested readers the chance to take on the free ebook chapter by chapter over the weekend, debate it amongst themselves, or even challenge the author who’s keeping tabs. ~~~ From: Man Alive! A survival manual for the human mind.…Read More

Loaded Duck Rillettes on Toasted Fat Bread

The other day when I was composing my post on tuna salad I suddenly thought of rillettes (pronounced ‘ree-yet’), a sort of French rustic pâté. Many homes I was lucky enough to dine at back in my years there always had a crock of rillettes—pork or duck typically. It keeps for a long time without…Read More