The Anarchism of Men, Women, and Relationships

Dita von Teese inspired photo of Shibari or Kinbaku art [For an update, please see: Lemons to Lemonade Documentary – Ed] The photo is courtesy of reader, commenter, post contributor, and 41-yr young mother of three (here and here, too), “SSS.” It was taken by a local professional photographer with an interest in expanding her portfolio to include…Read More

Beta Males and Food Porn: A Unique Take on Shepherd’s Pie

My next post—up tomorrow—will be shocking, at least for some. What if a woman reader, amongst many similar, doesn’t much care for the paleo “feminists””? What if, instead, she has the audacity, the self-confidence and the courage to take on alpha males, accepting no substitute? She sent me a B&W artsy nude of herself taken…Read More