Forgetting to Die

I’ve had this NYT article open in a browser tab for days and just couldn’t close it. The Island Where People Forget to Die 97 yr-old Stamatis Moraitis tending his vineyard and olive grove on Ikaria, Greece It’s by Dan Buettner, the The Blue Zones guy. In spite of his clear bias for plant based and vegetarian-esqe diets,...…Read More

Fresh Oyster Soup the Alton Brown Way

Well, it’s time to get that massive burger & small bun off the top of the blog, before any more Shiite Paleos get the vapors over it. Generally, here’s how I’ve always preferred my shellfish in terms of prepared dishes (not just broiled lobster or boiled / steamed crab): Lobster or clam bisque Raw oysters...…Read More

Dr. Doug McGuff on Fitness, Health and Liberty

Back in August I had the great opportunity to present at The 21 Convention alongside longtime friends Keith Norris, Skyler Tanner, Greg Swann and…Dr. Doug McGuff. After Doug’s presentation, we headed over to Skyler’s house for a meal just hours before I was to fly out. R-L: Skyler, Keith, Michelle, Sarah, Doug A few days...…Read More