Dr. Peter Attia and NuSI (Nutritions Science Initiative)

Since I put up my first post about NuSi (Nutrition Science Initiative), I’ve had various correspondence with co-founder Peter Attia, MD (co-founder with Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat) by phone and email. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to head up to Menlo Park to meet him for…Read More

Shaming Fat Mobilers and the General Fat Morass

I fucking hate fat mobiles. I swear by my life that when, and if, it ever comes to it: a cane. Crutches, if it’s that bad. …Lead for lunch otherwise. I will never be caught, even dead, in one. Shame on anyone who doesn’t have real issues that demand it, to be caught in one.…Read More

Stewp: Stew, Then Soup

As it gets colder I seem to always start thinking about hearty stews and soups. It’s such a great, better choice. Probably in terms of paleo, pretty decent once there were rudimentary cooking vessels. I wonder how far back you have to go to find that they could take a big rock from a river…Read More

“Healthy” is a Hydra-Headed Word (Part 1, the Rant)

Hydra, or Lernaean Hydra, from Greek Mythology is a symbol for intractable problems and solutions. Too many heads. Thanks, Hercules—for killing it. Too bad this wise Greek lesson was never learned—while all the while, Greece has been destroyed over three millennia and is arguably at its worst. Question: destroyed over its philosophical pioneering, or over…Read More

The Clamoring Over a Ruler of the Devolved

Well the title says it all: everyone looking to vote is pathetic, and less admirable than a furry little creature that can exist its whole lifetime in the wild. You can’t, voter. You’re pathetic. You require a leader, a ruler, someone to make you feel all warm and cuddly, if not an animal to nurse you,…Read More

Mark Sisson, Mark’s Daily Apple. Prime Time.

I never wanted to hate Mark Sisson for a second. I probably couldn’t have, even if I’d wanted…and making myself hate another over contrived, envious hateful wants, makes me feel less about myself. And even that simply brushes aside that fact that I genuinely love and appreciate the guy, from many angles. It will always…Read More