The [Potato] Hunger Games

My apologies in advance for the “SEO Brilliance” in the title In what world would it be appropriate where, owing to the cheapness, ease and availability of of cheap carbohydrates, industrial oils, and soy protein, folks would see the light and discover a whole food paradigm…but then spurn potatoes because it’s not low carb? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CARBS! It is about the carbs, a lot. It’s also about a lot of other stuff. It’s mostly…Read More

The Potato Diet Hack – Observations

People seem to be going at this from at least two different approaches, angles, perspectives, or however you care to characterize it. …Back when I caught wind of all this, there was a discussion going in comments at Ray Cronise’s blog, as well as a forum thread or two at Mark’s Daily Apple. Other than a quick browse one day of a few posts at MDA, I have stayed completely away from all those discussions.…Read More

Memo to Carb-Insane-Asylum: Here’s My AHS Presentation in Video (Choke on it)

In August of 2011, the inaugural Symposium of the Ancestral Health Society kicked off on the beautiful campus of UCLA. Offhand, there were about 40 presenters from across the globe, many sporting decades of achievement in fields surrounding health and well-being—all from a human evolutionary standpoint. And then there was me. Why was I presenting amongst this Who’s Who? Uh, probably because I put forth a lot of effort on this blog to promote it from…Read More

Anarchy Begins at Home: The Blog Series Part 7 – The Quality of Paleolithic Social Power

This is a blog post rendition of my 1-hr presentation at The 21 Convention in Austin, TX in August, right after I gave a 20-minute abbreviated version of same at the Ancestral Health Symposium, 2012, in Boston, at Harvard University School of Law. Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.…Read More

Anarchy For Fun & Profit

“Producing laws is not an easier problem than producing cars or food,” says David Friedman, author, philosopher, and professor at Santa Clara University. “So if the government’s incompetent to produce cars or food, why do you expect it to do a good job producing the legal system within which you are then going to produce the cars and the food?” So as I wrote yesterday, regular blogging shall resume. I’m busy drafting, and the next…Read More

Uwe Nikoley: Tough Mudder at 65

My dad’s “baby” brother, Uwe (pronounced ‘oovah’). Uwe Nikoley He was the youngest of 6 children when they came over on the USS General Hersey in 1952 and bussed it from Ellis Island to Reno, NV where their sponsor lived, and where I was born 9 years later. He did the Tough Mudder earlier this year and made it through very well. Back when I was in my 20s, he did the Western States 100,…Read More

Aren’t We All Suckers for a Great Inspirational Story?

I am. That’s pretty much in the Must Watch category. Hell, I didn’t even take time to vet it to make sure I wasn’t being pwned. Then again, I saw Life of Pi over the holiday and enjoyed being pwned by a nonetheless good story. Regular blogging to resume shortly. Update: Here’s a 2-minute Good Morning America story on Arthur Boorman. Diamond Dallas Page Helps Arthur Boorman with DDP Yoga- Good Morning America (SD) from…Read More

Another Quick & Easy Hash Brown Potato Method and Potato Diet Speculations

It’s of great interest and intrigue to me to explore the depths of this deal, so for right now, the blog has been almost exclusively about this potato diet deal, or “hack” as I prefer calling it: because I don’t consider it a long term deal; probably a month or two. A few days back I did some hash browns using a sandwich griller (a George Foreman would work too). Pretty easy, but here’s another…Read More

Two More “Potato Diet” Dishes

Simple Mashed Potatoes & Fat-Free / Gluten-Free Gravy   Ingredients 4 potatoes 4 teaspoons butter 1 quart beef stock (I use Kitchen Basics) 1 cup red wine 1/2 shallot, chopped 6 crimini mushrooms, chopped 1 rounded teaspoon potato starch Salt & pepper to taste Directions Reduce your cup of red wine to nearly a syrup, add stock, shallots and mushrooms. Bring to a boil on high and reduce by half. Once reduced, strain out the…Read More

My Second Book Kicks Off

Apparently due the very nice success with the beginner’s guide to weight & fat loss on a Paleo diet, my first book published last January and hugely updated a few months ago (there’s a 12-part video course, too, and includes the book), I got an email from my publisher, Hyperink, this morning under the title: “Let’s do another book.” Richard – ready to do another book? ….We feel like—especially with our growing audience base—that a…Read More

The Hash Browns Potato Diet for Rapid Weight and Fat Loss

[Greetings and welcome boingboing folks. Perhaps some of you were around on New Year’s day 2010, when Mark Frauenfelder first linked to this blog about another experiment, showering without soap or shampoo. Thousands gave that a try with excellent results and many are still readers here today.] Told you I’m a hit whore. …Besides, what if you don’t like French Fries? Alright, the astute know I’m giggling here, right? I feel good, I’m motivated, have…Read More

Heroic Oklahoma Doctors & Surgeons vs. Obamacare and Soviet-Style Administration

Oh, this is good. You’re going to watch every second of this 6-minute video and at the end, you’re going to clap. I told you way back in November of 2007 to Fuck Obama and His Stupid Bitch. I meant it. And I was right. Healthcare “reform.” Laf. …Oh, and make sure to notice all the pens Obama is obliged to sign that bill with. Who do you suppose those are going to? And oh,…Read More

The French Fry Diet for Rapid Weight and Fat Loss

I’m betting that title gets some hit action OK, for those popping in from wherever, you’ve been fooled—but only a tiny bit, as you’ll see. Sorry, but I’m a hit whore at base—and I do mean base. You see, french fries as you know them are almost uniformly awful, now. Back when they—including McDonald’s—used to deep fry them in beef tallow (rendered beef fat) they were not only the most awesome tasting fries ever, but…Read More

My New Commenting Policy (for Clarification)

Don’t be lazy. You have a beef, an argument, something to dispute? Good. A well thought out, rational argument of 2-3 paragraphs, 4-5 sentences each gets it published. Every time. 1-sentence Hit & Run troll comments have been edited out (not deleted or banned) and I will continue to do so. The thing is, lazy-ass trolls are lazy in every way, except for their persistence.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members…Read More

The Latest Diet & Exercise Hacking Towards a Goal

Back nearly a month ago when I did my second Got Milk? post I laid out a plan to consume a lot of milk, do my weekly Body by Science inspired workouts, cut calories to about 2,000 per day, etc. It didn’t work out that way. What happened was that the improvement in body composition and gains in the gym were so rapid (and injury free) that I quickly decided to feed the hunger and see…Read More

New England Style Clam Chowder, the Paleoish Version

Creamy, New England style clam chowder is probably one of those foods high up on many people’s “comfort food” list. Me too. The problem is: you don’t know how much flour is typically in it, it often tastes more like a mildly clam flavored milk gravy made from a roux, doesn’t have enough clam, has too much potato, or is the consistency of wallpaper paste. I have solved all of those problems. This recipe will…Read More

New England Style Clam Chowder Tonight

Not the complete list of ingredients, but most, and the essentials. Clams I’m using and synthesizing ideas from three different recipes. I’ll blog how it came out tomorrow. Until then, time to get busy in the kitchen, which I love.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

Anarchy Begins at Home: The Blog Series Part 6 – Democide

This is a blog post rendition of my 1-hr presentation at The 21 Convention in Austin, TX in August, right after I gave a 20-minute abbreviated version of same at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012, in Boston, at Harvard University School of Law. The previous three parts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the…Read More

Pork Chops Sous Vide with Potato Mash & Gravy

I decided to roll out the SousVide Supreme yesterday and do one of my favorites: pork chops. I brined them for an hour and a half (5 tbsp salt for a quart of water), then vacuum sealed, and about 2 hours at 141F in the SVS. I seared them quickly on the grill after rubbing a bit of butter on them.   One thing I do quite differently than before is the amount of added…Read More

Now Let the Ruination Continue Unabated

I laughed yesterday… It’s rather gratifying when something happens that more than anything I write, has a far more profound effect in the same direction. Congratulations. Either you spent a ton of your one and only life capital the last two years agitating over who was going to rule you next and after all of it, not a thing changed or, You got to continue to be part of the slightly bigger mob—after a similar expenditure of…Read More