Communique From Cabo

Yesterday afternoon—Sunday, while all the good football games were on—we had ourselves driven down to the border between California and Mexico by Bea’s favorite nephew. Actually, Beatrice has 10 favorite nephews, as well as 10 nephews. ….She treats each one of them as though they are the most important person to her in the world…Read More

A Very Tasty and Healthy Liquid Supplement

A longtime friend and business associate formulated this product, called REvitalize. It originally came in a glass wine bottle and was called Rushmore. The label included the images of four sports stars, arranged in Mt. Rushmore fashion, but in the process of getting it onto retail shelves, the packaging had to be changed. It comes…Read More

Round Two of the Jimmy Moore & David Duke Controversy

[For an update, please see: Lemons to Lemonade Documentary – Ed] I’ll open with a comment to my last post from Sean Abbott who blogs at Prague Stepchild. I find it pretty hard to believe that Jimmy has never heard of David Duke. I’ve definitely heard of him and I’m not from the South, but…Read More

Christmas Carols

…Courtesy of who my good friend and I always refer to as, looking up at each other  in unison when he comes up in the shuffle: “The Terrorist.” The great and awesome Cat Stevens, a singer songwriter who’s singing and songwriting still send chills up my spine decades later. Timeless. Peace, like anarchy, begins at home.…Read More

Peace on Earth; Goodwill to Men, Etc, Etc.

Day of travel; haven’t really read any of the comments, yet. Tomorrow morning. Or not. Following the Eve festivities at the parents-in-law over in Vista, I’ve retired to our timeshare in Oceanside—newly remodeled, which is quite nice. A few spots of whiskey…and I think I’ll watch late-night infomercials for lafs.Read More

Random Potatoes

Just a quick dump of recent things. First, bake your potatoes, 400 for 75 minutes, let them sit out, ready They’ll keep for days, perhaps weeks. Slice ’em, brush on a little butter, broil ’em a few minutes per side Peel & cube, make potato salad, 1 tbsp of fat per potato Broil ’em with…Read More

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bead: Make Someone’s Day

My Holiday greeting We’ll be heading out tomorrow, perhaps early Monday depending on how preps go—down to SoCal for the gifting & celebration, a few days…then Beatrice and I are gonna fly out of Tijuana via Volaris to Cabo for a couple of days, rent a car and drive up to La Paz for three days.…Read More

Drunks trash McDonalds over lack of healthy options

Too hilarious to not just quote the whole thing outright. Just for some lafs. Thanks for sharing, Jesrad. Memo to the Onion: you’d better watch out. This is pretty damn good. ANGRY Friday night vegetarians ran amok in a branch of McDonalds when it failed to offer adequate meat-free and vegan menu choices. ‘Spanish tomatoes…Read More

Would My Time be Better Spent Trying to Force People?

Until you’ve written about 3,300 posts over nearly 10 years now, read every one of over 62,000 comments and replied to thousands of them, you’ll never have my perspective on just how very difficult it is to persuade people. I had a college roommate back in the day who used to tell people that I was…Read More

Elements of Paleo Hitting the Dr. Oz Mainstream?

Toto, we’re not in Kansas, anymore The other day I was alerted by my mom, via her sister that Dr. Oz had Dr. William Davis on his show, specifically about wheat and his book: Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health. I’ve blogged about Davis and his…Read More