I Like to Help When I Can: More Potato Diet Hack Ideas

Lots of posts, lots of comments, lots of speculation and musings in both. Someone asked somewhere in comments about Paleo adversity to this whole idea. I’ll state it plainly: I simply don’t follow it. I’d rather just put it out there, willing to be wrong, let myself and you decide over time. Why not decide…Read More

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett: Thank You, Sir

Can you please proselytize that far & wide, so this miscreant anarchist can just be content & shut the fuck up? Thanks again. As always, it’s short—6 minutes—and is another must. Yep, I could quibble; nit & pic all over the place. Thing is, nothing’s perfect. Second, city government is getting awfully close to the…Read More

“Where There are Laws, You Will Find Crime”

I heard that a long time ago (it’s a good thought project on cause/effect by definition) and for some reason or the other, attributed it to Solzhenitsyn, but a lot of Google searching turns up nothing for him or anyone else. Anyway, this will do. Tacitus I miss the Greeks. 2,000 years later, and even…Read More

Speculations and Musings About High Carb and Starch

Obviously I’ve been pondering this whole starch thing for a while (search in the sidebar for ‘potato diet‘ for the history). So far, just considering it a “diet hack,” but also pretty sure that when my goal for that is attained—sometime toward the end of January if this continues to play out as expected—I’ll probably…Read More

Yep, Pretty Much

This Nickelback Parody is for all who’ve become somewhat disenchanted with over-the-top photo sharing of Every. Single. Banal. Thing. Every. Single. Place. Funny.Read More

Guest Post: Step Outside, It’s Good For You

By Sarah Stevenson Sadly, we human beings tend to spend most of our lives indoors, breathing recycled, processed air and wilting away under florescent tubes almost 24/7. We trade the warm healing rays of the sun for synthetic lighting, not realizing what we’re doing to our bodies and our souls. The simple truth is, we…Read More

Please Pay Wikipedia if You Use It: Simple. Anarchist. Moral.

Do you just love Wikipedia as a reference? Me too. I do count myself privileged to have known Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales from way back, corresponding now & then in email in the years during which he created a local Chicago based-website when still a trader on the futures & options floors. Then Bomis, then NuPedia…which then…Read More

A Simple Juxtaposition

I miss the Greeks. The first true thinkers in the context of Neolithic civilization.   Reference: This argument was a type favoured by the ancient Greek skeptics, and may have been wrongly attributed to Epicurus by Lactantius, who, from his Christian perspective, regarded Epicurus as an atheist. It has been suggested that it may actually…Read More

Pat Robertson Denies Young Earth Creationism: My Take

I think Pat Robertson is a shitbag. Always have. But he’s an influential shitbag and this is just plain old good progress, particularly when you consider The 10 Stupidest Things Pat Robertson Ever Said. Unlike all the other vids I saw of this, this one actually has the viewer question he was responding to. And that’s…Read More

Let’s Bash Sugar, OK?

What the hell. One of those days I just feel like putting up a few posts here and there. A little shit slung here, a bit there, call it a day. I’ve grown weary of and now generally dislike infographics. Some are OK. I especially hate all the “let me do an infographic for your…Read More