When the walls, come tumblin’ down…the walls, keep crumblin’ crumblin’

Placed my bet on that 20 years ago

No John Mellencamp albums, but already had a number of U2 albums.

I’m talking about religion & despotism. Both are pretty much the same thing across the span of time—neither side knowing it of the other, because levels of each being relative in that function of time. Generalized collectivism is what’s always targeted (communism and other forms), but is really a symptom of the former more fundamental things and again, because of separation in time, space, history.

The world is changing profoundly and quickly, and the reason is very simple. I used to call it 1+1=2, and because it’s so simple I still do; and it’s also why I often don’t take a lot of time and effort to explain it to a lot of people—because both dumb and smart still have to survive, and I’m primarily interested in how the world works and evolves—everyone has to survive, always. Daily pressure. I care not too much that a smart person can’t seem to grasp geopolitical trends that simply can’t be stopped. They’re smart, often set up for relative comfort as a result and as such, their primary motivation is always to pontificate about how things ought to be. My approach, on the other hand, is primarily to offer awareness and knowledge to plain old folks—one mind at a time. They’re going to run things anyway and end up being the next batch of smart folk. Best they have sources of information if I can help in my small way.

Yea, the idea whose time has come & shit.

…And actually, smart people in the mass are typically always followers, do-nothing-much pontificators—excepting entrepreneurs, just another small group now. It’s the tiny few smart  who worm their way to the top and are the people who move stuff. They do it by means of all the dumb people, and the mass of smart people on the sidelines always have to end up playing catchup because the “dumb” people leapfrog them and become the new smart people. Been happening forever, now. I celebrate it.

I like to think in very generalized, wide scope, geopolitical terms and it never seems to fail me. “Intellectuals?” Bah. That’s the mistake honest intellectuals have been making for centuries—the idea that a popular dishonest intellectual will ever evolve in thinking, much. You always must wait for a new crop, so I say: invest in the new crop. Most will come from the “dumb” people of today, with their experiences and hardships forming their new intellectual ideas. Wash, rinse, repeat. Continuous improvement.

This process is generated from a lot of sides, the Internet and awareness to the masses now being the leapfrog that’s Tearing Down The Wall (yea, I had that album, too).

…The other day I blogged about a clear sign that walls are tumblin’ & crumblin’, how with the new thingy of the Internet, kids are asking questions they didn’t ask in any measure years ago, and that has a bottom-up effect where you now have Pat Robertson, a mainstay of religious fundamentalism, backing down on Young Earth Creationism, citing real science and admonishing his followers not to dismiss it for fear of losing their children. Some smart people couldn’t seem to take that at face value.

OK, so how about another? First, the video (source article). Watch for the most important thing, which is not what Bono says, but what his body does that he can’t help.

U2’s Bono Speaks at GU Global Social Enterprise Event from Values & Capitalism on Vimeo.

So what’s his body doing when he hangs his head in feigned shame in the palm of his hand? It’s saying: Yep, in pursuit of fame for a few decades, I’ve had to be a fucking moron because that’s what everyone else was, I wanted their company, and the fanhood they bestow.

Tell me I’m wrong.

I really don’t care that he credits George W. Bush. I always simply figured that for whatever reasons they worked together, I was not privy to any of that, neither was anyone else, and so I basically always ignored all the “analysis” of smart morons.

In closing I have a simple, modest request…a plea, or a prayer of you, actually—because I only ever pray to human beings, who can actually do real things.

images 6
images 5

Can’t we just give these kids their Robber Barons and Factory Exploitation for a while—a decade or so?

Look at it this way. While they’re being exploited for the sake of selfish profits, all you smart morons—who’ve yet to be replaced by dumb people with real life experience—have at least several years worth of high-horse pontification.

…And you can’t discount the cocktail parties with all those other pontificators with checkbooks….

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Joshua on December 7, 2012 at 16:36

    No! We must not exploit those helpless individuals! Far better that they die a noble death of starvation than suffer the indignity of voluntarily trading their labor.

    Could be a fun discussion. Almost a shame I’m going on vacation. Almost.

  2. gabriella kadar on December 7, 2012 at 18:44

    Tribalism can get in the way of capitalism.

    • rob on December 8, 2012 at 01:57

      That’s the big problem. DRC is sitting on $3T-$7T of mineral wealth yet it went 50 years without a new mine opening. The constant warfare means by the time you finish building your nice shiny $300m mine, a different rebel group could control the territory it sits upon, and it gets nationalized (i.e. stolen).

  3. gabriella kadar on December 7, 2012 at 19:05
    • Richard Nikoley on December 7, 2012 at 19:35

      I don’t really see how it’s escapable. Sure, they’re going to go through their modern idiot stage. Lets let them get it over with, already. It’ll probaly be far shorter given the example of the West and the Internet that pumps out info good and bad.

      You can’t control information. If in the long run people can’t discern, then we’re all fucked anyway.

  4. gabriella kadar on December 7, 2012 at 19:36

    Another aljazeera article which I think is apologist. If a migrant worker wants sex from a prostitute and wants to take responsible to not potentially infect his wife, then a man who has the awareness of possible HIV transmission will wear suitable gear.

    It’s like making sure before scuba diving that the air tank is full and the regulator functions.

    So really there’s a disconnect here even if people allegedly have an awareness of the ugly.

    Africa is a big place with poor infrastructure and tribal rivalries exacerbated by wheeling and dealing of resource seekers from other countries.

    What tells though is since the independance of South Africa from white imposed apartheid, very little has improved and many things have become worse. All black governemt…………….but tribal.

    Same crap happens in India as well: The caste system, the presence of peoples of different religion, the existence of tribal people outside of the mainstream. There are perhaps some 400 million people who have not been counted by the census, so no one knows really what is the population of India. ASide from the fact that over 600 million people squat and drop the developing part of the country certainly excludes a large part. There’s plenty of HIV in India but a country that is incapable of providing a population census……then who could ever possibly provide a number figure for thos whose are infected.

    For all the Bono Boosting of Asian countries, he is far too selective and inaccurate.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 8, 2012 at 06:16

      People seem to be reading more into this than intended. I have no illusions about overnight change. But attitudes always change first and that requires information.

      • gabriella kadar on December 8, 2012 at 10:56

        Ahh, I thought you were serious. Or more serious than.

        The irony of the situation in Africa is that the USA has made a committment to anti-retroviral drug provision. But the Chinese couldn’t give a damn, they are just into obtaining resources. So the Americans are spending billions of dollars while the Chinese are making billions of dollars.

        Plus the Chinese are exporting their own farmers to various countries like Mozambique because there is plenty of arable land and not enough locals. This and the provision of arms and weapons in countries like Sudan in an effort to ensure oil access, is really contra to their stated position of not getting involved in the politics just the business.

        The Rwandan genocide was carried out with Made in China machetes. And the situation in regards to the resources in DRC/Rwanda/Uganda area has a heavy duty Chinese hand in the process.

        If it weren’t for the tribalism, the divide and conquer strategy would not have worked for the original colonizers and it wouldn’t be working for the Chinese either.

        Now seriously, I’m gonna quit ranting and get back to the kitchen floor tiling….. it’s exercise. Kinda like how you had to renovate your country property only on a much smaller scale.

      • rob on December 8, 2012 at 13:29

        Our approach doesn’t seem to be working very well, I think there is every chance that in the long term China’s approach could produce better results.

        Buy their minerals, sell them weapons, and wait until they have sorted things out for themselves.

        Right now the UN is making a push to discourage purchase of “Blood Minerals.” If minerals are the only thing the region has to sell, what good does it do to discourage their purchase?

  5. Elenor on December 8, 2012 at 09:50

    You have more hope than I, Richard. I believe most people ARE too committed to their views, their (versions of) religion, be it: no birth control for the poor, global warming, keep feeding the starving so they can breed more starving, or plain-old god-isms… Even Pat Robertson is not going to convince (the, what’s it, now? 60-70% ?!?!?!) of Americans to stop believing that evolution is a lie; that science is a good thing; that, hell, learning to READ (something besides the bible {eye roll}) might help keep them out of trouble?

    Confirmation bias (and ‘don’t read’ lists, which help keep up the ‘don’t think’ groups!) will keep most people reading only what they’re told to). Vegans? Low-carb advocates (of which, I are one)? Anarchists? It’s the rara avis, indeed, who is even willing to entertain a new idea. I don’t see overnight change OR long-term change, unless it’s catastrophic. (Personally? I’m votin’ for bird flu! Yes, I’ll no doubt die of it — but it WILL cut the human population down to perhaps a manageable (for the Earth, not the populace) size.)

    “You always must wait for a new crop, so I say: invest in the new crop. Most will come from the “dumb” people of today, with their experiences and hardships forming their new intellectual ideas. Wash, rinse, repeat. Continuous improvement.”

    Nah. What we’ve got here is continuous and “genetic” dis-improvement (both anthropogenic and ‘natural’)! The new crop of real men, of truly masculine men, is ever-SMALLER — the few extant are throw-backs (hi, Dada! and you, Richard) and cannot stem the tide. What will lead boys to grow up to be men? What will lead boys to WANT to grow up to be men? Nothing in today’s society… And all the warm feelings towards your ‘new crop’ won’t lead them to become men, either.

    This was my Michael, and I shall not find another such in this life:
    Brave, unconcerned, mocking, violent – thus wisdom wants us:
    she is a woman and always loves only a warrior.
    There is little of man here: therefore their women strive to be mannish.
    For only he who is man enough will release the woman in woman.
    —Freidrich Nietzsche

  6. Adam Clayton on December 9, 2012 at 16:18

    Here’s the full speech…

    Is there anyone that can deliver a message better than that?

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