Phil Mickelson: Tell Californians To Go Fuck Themselves

In a pure stroke of serendipity, I got an email from a friend this morning just after I’d posted this to my close, real-space friends and family on my personal Facebook page: Just heard the “News” that some player on the 49ers said something stupid about gays, has to do the whole “public apology” deal,…Read More

Rush to Equality

The Trees There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their pleas The trouble with the maples (And they’re quite convinced they’re right) They say the oaks are just too lofty And they grab up all the light But the oaks…Read More

Sound the Bugles: A Crap-Bag Snack That May Not Be So Bad

  My other indulgence yesterday, whilst in my dark cave watching Breaking Bad with all means of communication shut off, was a single serving-sized bag of Bugles. I don’t know whether for lack of attention or that they just have not been around enough to grab attention, but I recall as a kid that they came…Read More


I went dark yesterday Got up, turned off the phone, the iPad, the MacBook Air and didn’t rejoin the digital world again until this morning. My birthday gift to myself. Didn’t watch any TV—except episode after episode of Breaking Bad in a dark room (midway through season 3, now). Yea, I know, so don’t bother…Read More

Dogs Are Man’s Best Nemesis, When You Include Diet?

Going way way back, one of my favorite things to mock & ridicule for base ignorance was the Creationist—picture it—sitting there with a dog on one side, petting a cat on his lap…and the dog didn’t go after the cat. …Get this, because you’ll laf: millions of people in America fervently believe God created them like…Read More

Gun LOL: Seattle Cops Get Pwned

Pwned Nothing gives me an eye roll quite as much as hearing the phrase “gun culture” applied to America. Alls I can’t figure out is which is dominant. Is it the “gun culture,” “big-car culture,” The “drive-in, diners & dives culture,” or something else altogether? Or, do all these sub-cultures simply have a common thread…Read More

Corralling The Paleo “Movement” is Like Herding Cats

  If you stop to consider all the variously different diet and lifestyle movements out there—low fat, vegetarian, vegan, Weight Watchers and so on…or even Bodybuilding, Pilates, Yoga, etc.—one aspect of them is that they tend to operate from a solid foundation with some clearly laid out principles. For the most part, those principles get…Read More

If You Play in Open Sewers and Ghettoes, Expect the Expected

Barrio Barreto, Philippines, 1984-1989 From October of 1984 through March of 1989, I came to know all there was to know about Subic Bay, Philippines. Angeles City, Manilla, and other places and islands, too—but mostly Subic; or, “Pubic,” as we used to say. …The Barrio Barreto is a place about 15 minutes and 2 pesos…Read More

Lothar “Lute” Nikoley is Out of Emergency Surgery

It happened quite suddenly. He tuned 75 on Monday. You’ve seen him in comments and recently in a guest post. A few years ago I love that pic because we were standing there soon after dad showed up at our place and neither of us realized. Someone pointed out—as we stood there talking to everyone—that…Read More

Pork Loin: How am I going to cook it?

One thing I like to do is get started in the kitchen without having the slightest idea how I’m going to prepare something and just let myself be guided by “karma” and what I have available. I’d sourced a pork loin so that was easy enough as the base. I also had some solid bacon…Read More

Reflections on the Historical Importance of God

I was reflecting on the post I did yesterday about the decline of religion, even in America. You have no idea what I thought about it, but I’ll tell you this: had nothing to do with what I perceive as the illogic of it, or anything like that. I dwelled on the practical and historical,…Read More

Solid Lesson Learned: Drama is Bullshit

Since swearing off last year’s drama in one of my firsts posts of the year and sticking to it, I have been justly rewarded. 30 Days of Visits & Page Views I’m very comfortable with a solid mission in front of me, using the capital I’ve accumulated over the years: reaching out to people to…Read More

Teach Literal Creationism in Public Schools NOW!

Let’s just cede the entire public school system to the Fundamentalist Christians. …the state of Colorado, apparently, still wants to live in the 15th century: Just a few days ago, a bill was introduced into my home state’s legislature that would allow teachers “to miseducate students about evolution, whether by teaching creationism as a scientifically…Read More

“Oh, the Pasta-Bilities”

Made me chuckle, so why not a post so you can too? It came via one of those emails this morning. Y’know, the ones you get from your health care provider—in this case, Kaiser Permanente—because they want to see you making better lifestyle choices in the pursuit of lower costs and hence, greater profits. Nothing…Read More

Fear of Fat, Fear of Fatness, or Both?

This, from The New York Times, came to me a while back and initially gave me a raised eyebrow. Our Absurd Fear of Fat. Interestingly, the original working title is likely this: Our Imaginary Weight Problem: ( This tells me that the author, Paul Campos, changed his title in draft, not bothering to go back and…Read More