Demystifying Money: What is it Really; How Does it Work?

One of the more pleasant aspects of all the changes I’ve made here at FTA is to have added the Money & Finance category. I’m a bit excited about getting into it. Of everything I’ve changed, this seems to be the most welcome addition in terms of feedback I’m getting. I’m no economist, financial analyst,…Read More

The Free the Animal Newsletter Kicks Off in Earnest

Let’s talk about: Big changes to the blog; Making the newsletter exclusive; Helping people as a focus; and a New dietary experiment. Yesterday I put out the Newsletter for the first time in a substantive version. The previous two were for the purpose of cleanup, to allow anyone time to unsubscribe before things got going.…Read More

Do You UNDER-stand?

The Omnicentric Mind A short, 8-minute case for recognizing your own assumptions & paradigms, how your logic-truth is formed by them, and how that creates conflicts with those of different assumptions, paradigms and consequent logic. I’ve watched this perhaps a dozen times over the months. It’s like church to me.Read More

I’m Crazy About Kefir and Kombucha

Alright, I admit I used to roll my eyes at all the talk in PGP circles (Pretty Good Paleo) over making and drinking Kefir, and brewing and drinking Kombucha. I probably even laffed out loud once or twice, too. Respectively, from the Wikipedia links: Kefir (pronounced /kəˈfɪər/ kə-feer) (or alternatively kefīrs, keefir, kephir, kewra, talai, mudu kekiya, milk…Read More

The 12th Anniversary Weekend

…Just a bit of housekeeping first. Professor Hamilton M. Stapell would like to invite the ancestral health community to participate in a new online survey. Go have a look and answer a few questions. Thursday afternoon Beatrice & I headed down to Carmel, CA where 12 years ago we tied the knot—after about five years of…Read More

Deciding For Yourself: 13 Pretty Good Low Carb Resources

To say that I’ve grown weary of endless debates and criticisms of various approaches within a whole, real food approach to diet is an understatement. I’ve always been about promoting anything that’s “Pretty Good,” and not about slamming everything that may have errors, some “bad science,” too much marketing—you name it. The problem with the…Read More

Memo to Marlene Zuk: “Paleo Nostalgia” is a Big Fat Strawman

I hadn’t even realized that I was reading an article by the subject author, also used as a source in this hit & run piece on Atossa Araxia Abrahamian I did a while back, Myopia: Viewing Paleo-Libertarianism Through a Statist-Collectivist Lens. This article—Misguided Nostalgia for Our Paleo Past—does make some good points, but for how long have…Read More

Why There is No “Paleo Diet”

There’s only a million of them. Global Migration Out of Africa (click to enlarge) This was provided by commenter Charles whom I believe I’ve had “words” with in the past, but no matter. I’m a complete whore when it comes to adding real value in comments. And, he’d already done so with a couple of…Read More

James Briscione’s Jack Daniels Pork Chops Sous Vide

Yesterday morning I already knew I was doing pork chops sous vide for six that night. I just didn’t know which recipe to use. I’ve done them SV different ways before (here and here and here), but wanted to do something different. …Way back when Drs. Mike & Mary Dan Eades unveiled the new SousVide Supreme at…Read More

Big Dairy & Big Potato as Big Post Workout Meals

I’ve come full circle on a lot of things lately. More disciplined, motivated, and nose to grindstone in a fun way than in a long time. Way back, in terms of diet & exercise, my routine was LC-Paleoish diet; 1-2, 24-30 hour fasts per week; 2, 30-minute fasted workouts per week (varied weight, plyo, Xfit)…and…Read More

Like a Bunless Burger at Burger King: Have it Your Way

When you get in a rut, first procrastinate. There’s virtue in that, so long as you know that you eventually have to do something to get out of it. Don’t procrastinate taking action because you’re lazy, do it to be smart. Deliberate, think about it until such time as you can’t not act. At that…Read More

The Big Changes Coming to Free the Animal

When you’re in a slump, what do you do but get out of it? How do you get out of it but change what you’re doing to something else, calculated to be better? As a brief history, I spent a good deal of 2012 being embroiled in various dramas around the Paleosphere in my own…Read More

Huh? Microbiome Sequencing? Whaddat?

It’s what you’re really made of of that’s not the you, you. It’s all the little creatures that inhabit your mouth, sinus, gut, and other places in and around your body. In numerical terms, there’s 361 of “you,” and 360 of that is “them.” Yep, for every cell in your body, you’ve got 360 “others,”…Read More

A Whole Day of Everything I Ate & Drank

I’ve been trying something new the last few days and finding it to my liking: eating more, just differently. Three squares per day. Here was everything I ate & drank yesterday, except for some coffee before breakfast and iced tea in the evening before dinner. Breakfast, 9:30 AM 3 eggs, cottage cheese with yogurt, whole…Read More

Alien Invasion

Hang Gliding Federation of Australia They just got done with the 2013 Worlds in Forbes, NSW. My longtime friend Davis Straub (author of all the Windows Secrets books and longtime top HG competitor, presided over the event, not having quite qualified for the US Team). You can read about the daily blow-by-blow on his The…Read More