I Collect Smart People

Remember the film Se7en? Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey? Wotta cast. The scene I’m talking about—which I can’t find on YouTube—is where they find John Doe’s apartment for the first time and begin going through his stuff. They’re reading an entry from his diary. He’s writing about being on a city bus and someone...…Read More

The All New & Improved Cuntosphere

I deleted all the cunty posts and comments on the blog from last week going way back, leaving only references in place to The New Project. Did it in a moment of alcoholic psychosis. Why? Well, folks will have differing views on my true motivations and I’ll bet some even come close to the mark,...…Read More

Jim Carrey the “Talkin’ Ass”

I love how these faux elite assholes are getting it right up the ass these days. Keep it coming Remy. You’re fuckin’ brilliant. The vid is about 1 minutes & 30 seconds. Watch it for the team. Jim Jim Jim. Stick to what you’re good at, m’kay?... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription,…Read More

I Miss the Supremes

In spite of trying to stay as far away from “news” as possible, I had to get up to speed this morning. Here’s the best one. Paleoish Gay Marriage (via ABDada) I’ll let the Supremes take it away. (Dedicated to all my friends over the years, gay and lesbian alike—some together for over 25 years....…Read More

Sunday Church & Prayer Services for Animals

The Real Deal Literally Duh Oh Myyy! Keith Lowell Jensen, Sudafed Abuser Duh “Most People Are Cunts” – Dr. Seuss Thank you for your “cooperation” From the Euphemism File Democracy! Limit Yourself to Prayer, Please! 2,000 Years of Truth and Counting Paper Prayers! Your Pastor – H. L. Mencken Your Moral Compass – George Takei...…Read More

Lemons to Lemonade Documentary #1

It’s easy to scrounge around for imperfections. But how about the obvious far greater good? This is a new series, consecutively numbered, to come out each weekend (longer at times when the dust has settled for a while). Its purpose is the simple, objective documentation of injustices; the trashing of good people and their good...…Read More

Debt Limit Funny

Yep, pretty much; right to the very end. Especially at the very end.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and is a preview. Login or Join to access the rest, as well as all Premium Member content.Login Join NowRead More

Teenage Rape: Parent’s Fault

You don’t have to look much far beyond the Steubenville rape….debacle, kid bullshit…or whatever it really was…to get a clue as to how very toxic our society has become on so many levels. Kids do shit. Why? This simply does not scale to CNN, or anything like it (I just learned of the whole deal today, for...…Read More