Break Out The Popcorn: PaleoDrama Ensues

Note: This post is uncategorized and tagged only with “paleo drama.”” Comments are closed. As much as my personality yearns for another comment “Hate Circus,” it’s just not going to happen here (or on any other current comment threads). Looked back at some of the drama posts from last spring and those comment threads often…Read More

“Give Back,” so Everyone Gets a “Fair Share”

 Forbes: ‘Give Back’ Is One of the World’s Most Impoverishing Commands “Give back.” That’s the message sent to successful businessmen. You built a company? You made a lot of money? Fine. Now it’s time for you to use the money you’ve made to do some real good in the world. Apparently, creating our modern standard of…Read More

Jonathan Bailor of The Smarter Science of Slim Interviews Me

A while back I included Jonathan Bailor’s non-profit “Slim is Simple” initiative in a roundup of various things PGP (Pretty Good Paleo). I was happy to do so, immediately saw the very many positives about the video as a teaching tool (yea, I could make some constructive critiques)…and was subsequently surprised at some of the…Read More

Get Nacho Rubio a Cooking Show, Please

I Put up his first two hilarious Paleo / Primal Cooking videos just over a year ago here: He “Woks” the Talk and Talks to the Wok. If you didn’t see those, go watch. They’re a few minutes each. The first is Mediterranean Chicken Curry and the second, Tuna Tataki with Gazpacho. Here’s his next two. Spanish Omelet with Caramelized…Read More


An Euphemism free post It’s not that I care, because I never have. What’s hilarious to me is how much the Catholic Church has become a plain-jane-respected Institution to whom governments the world over now kowtow. It was better when they were at bitter odds. Those who love Obama (or Bush) overlook the fact that many innocents, including women…Read More

The Whole Logic Behind the Milk Intervention, Part 2

Here’s Part 1 for review, where I critiqued what I believe are the chief arguments in favor of avoiding milk from a Paleo, evolutionary perspective. I neglected to address the A1 vs. A2 genetic lineage of dairy producing cows, and so I added that as an update to the post this morning. So I find the reasons…Read More

The Whole Logic Behind the Milk Intervention, Part 1

I didn’t take much stock in the opening of this guy’s account of his experience—that of dropping 33 pounds in six weeks—when I read it the first time. I really shouldn’t tell you this. My wife wasn’t sure about it, my friends just laugh, but I’d like to let you in on the secret anyway.…Read More

I Can Make You a Kefir and a Chess Expert in a Week

You know the drill. Got several hudred new Newsletter subscribers since that post right after the email last night and didn’t even mind that a few nefarious souls (seven) signed up, got the Newsletter link, then unsubscribed and reported me to their ISPs as a spammer. Onward. So just about a little more than a…Read More

First 8 Days on the Raw Milk, Kefir, and Kombucha Diet

As a white, northern Barbarian genetically, I think I’ve found my niche in terms of fat loss, lean retention, and even lean gain in spite of a substantial caloric deficit. Yea, I know…. But I’ve explained why, and even in contrast to potatoes. Just wrote all about the first 8 days on raw milk and my own…Read More

You Can’t Fix Stupid, Ignorant, or the Junk Food Industry

This is all going to be preaching to the choir, of course…except for those so-called “Paleos” who imagine government can modify people’s behavior through force and coercion, instead of through individuals and private institutions educating, motivating, encouraging, and setting an example. Seems as though the standard for too many is only to Do Some-thing, with…Read More

Is grass-fed beef worth the premium price?

by Rich Coffman I have made many improvements in my nutrition over the last year. Like most health oriented people, my goal is simple: to eat the best quality food possible. This article dives into the reasons why grass-fed beef is a healthier choice that is worth the premium price. I had heard many times…Read More

Poking Fun of Taking Things Too Seriously and Literally

I see a healthy social trend. Some people—many—hate it, but it’s what it’s. Poking fun of politics, politicians and government institutions is old hat by now. Political cartoons, for instance, are an American staple. But poking fun of religious institutions, other than Fundamentalists? Not so much until more recently, in terms of being widespread. Perhaps…Read More