And Here I Sit. Wifeless. Dogless.

Home alone. Seventh night, tonight. Loaded the three (2 dogs, 1 wife) into the car last Saturday morning at 5 AM. Beatrice, on spring break, spent the week with her family down south in Vista, near Oceanside, CA. She’s on the way back and decided to camp out in Pismo for the afternoon & evening.…Read More

#Misandry #Misogyny

Did you get the memo concerning the huge problem of misandry in our culture? Misandry (pron.: /mɪˈsændri/) is the hatred or dislike of men, the hatred of maleness; it typically does not refer to a hatred of individuals but of men as a group or class. Suppose we design a test to eliminate confounding variables as…Read More

The Brain Gut Connection – New Controlled Study in Humans

Bigger brain, smaller gut, but still critical This post contains science! Oh, my. I began drafting this last night and immediately diverged into philosophical issues of free will and determinism. It was already long enough before I’d even got started on the sciency and practical. So I decided to save that as a draft for a…Read More

It’s Week 5 on the Milk & Kefir Intervention

Something Happened In this issue: Bottom line—Refeed Beyond the weight loss What next? ~~~ Those are the topics of this week’s Newsletter update. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can subscribe over on the sidebar or just go here. Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll get a welcome email within about an hour…Read More

Let Me Make It Easy For You: Here’s Your Hate on a Silver Platter

Dishing Out Love & Hate Since 2003 In the politically correct and feminist world, “hate filled,” or “hate site”—or whichever way in which the pejorative is used (e.g., to describe this blog)—is a rhetorical devise employed as weasel words, well poisoning, hand waving—basically all amounting to one thing: “substitute my judgment for your own.” Don’t make…Read More