Simple Beef Tacos for Anytime

There’s all kinds of ways one can do taco meat. Carne Asada and similar Mexican preparations are great. On the other hand, I find they don’t keep very well and are best eaten right away, when fresh—along with fresh salsa, finely chopped onions, cilantro and a squeeze of lime. So, for anytime, it’s hard to…Read More

Lentil & Sausage Soup

I’ve yet to blog about what I’m up to, eating wise, but this offers a clue. I’m literally on my last weird experiment—I hope—and it involves beans / legumes, but prepared in traditional ways (a 24-hour soak). The resistant starch via potato starch supplementation is no longer an experiment but a way of life now.…Read More

But Who Would Build Teh Rodez!

  I’ve been an anarchist for 20 years. In that time, I’ve never mistaken any ounce of opposition as anything but various proportions and mixes of ignorance, fear, hand wringing, laziness, parasitism, elitism, and most common of all: abject stupidity—by which I mean the other 90% of the opposition; who are: those who’ve never once…Read More

Holiday Cheer: Diverse & Off-The-Wall Odds & Ends

I had no intention of leaving the blog destitute since last Thursday. But the Internet was just too sucky where I’ve been since Friday and so I just just checked things every monrning, let it be, and took a few days off from the blog. This next week will be about Resistant Starch and pretty…Read More

Judgment Passed: Everybody is Wrong About I.Q.

Harvard PhD student finds a correlation between race and IQ. Harvard students says even if it’s true, it shouldn’t be a topic of research. by: Judgy Bitch So, this story is popping up everywhere! A PhD student at Harvard submitted a dissertation claiming there is a measureable, identifiable, quantifiable correlation between race and IQ. The dissertation…Read More

Oklahoma. Bad Weather. Same Credit Grabbing.

First Greg Swann; with a post quotable in its entirety. There will be more on this next week. We walk our dogs late at night at Rio Vista Park in suburban Phoenix. I love to go past the skate park, because the boys are such amazingly hard workers — toiling away at ten at night,…Read More

Fish & Chips: Paleo?

Never. it’s simply the case that not a single one of your way back ancestors ever partook of the moist, crispy goodness. Why? It’s obvious and elementary, Watson. The printing press had yet to be invented. Thus, no newsprint. Thus, nothing in which to wrap fish & chips. Thus, no such thing as fish &…Read More

Sexy Time. Go Take a Vacation. I Can Help.

I operate a side business renting out our vacation home in the Sierras of the California Gold Country in Arnold, CA; and also just recently, the luxurious and Top World, 5-Star Resort & Spa, the Grand Solmar at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The brief history is that after acquiring our vacation home…Read More

Sunday Eye Rolls: Get Paid to Cook Your Own Food

New job opportunity, from The New York Times, no less: Pay People to Cook At Home. THE home-cooked family meal is often lauded as the solution for problems ranging from obesity to deteriorating health to a decline in civility and morals. Using whole foods to prepare meals without additives and chemicals is the holy grail…Read More

Your Cloistered Fucks are so Fucked (’bout time)

…When a 4th Grader Can Easily Show What Pathetic Liars and Despots You Are I’ll shamelessly keep linking it in perpetuity. Because I was right In November of 2007, a full year ahead of the advent of the New Dispensation of the New Erection….that of the New Savior, of the New ‘Merca (….and, because he’s BLACK (!!!), and that…Read More

Can’t Vegans and Paleos Just Get Along?

Nope. And for good reason. In a post he titled Why Vegans and Paleos Should Stop Hating Each Other, Matt Frazier says, principally: I’m not suggesting we throw away the labels. vegan means a lot to me, for ethical reasons and for health-related ones too. I’m sure Paleos feel the same about their tribe. I’m just…Read More

OMG: Paleolithic Diet is Associated With Unfavorable Changes to Blood Lipids in Healthy Subjects

Yep. Read it and weep, you idjit Paleos; you, so erroneously self-assured as to dismiss the dietary diktats of your superior masters and their grain and drug peddling bedfellow financiers. The abstract of the “study,” courtesy of all-around fuckwit, Eric Trexler. Background: The Paleolithic (Paleo) diet is one modeled after the perceived food consumption of early human…Read More

Sunday Church Services for Human Animals

~ Do you know why Paleo is really becoming popular? Morning Wood I snagged that pic from this post: Fellas, How Sturdy Is Your Morning Wood? It has a lot of conventional “wisdom” BS (like don’t skip meals; hey, Paleo intermittent fasters will tell you that’s a load of bollocks—you get even more, more often). Otherwise,…Read More

Self Experimentation: How to Trump Being Put on the Defensive

It’s probably rare for most reasonably competent people to find themselves defending their actual work and consequent results—which is totally valid if you’re really good; morally righteous if you suck. Instead, those close to us often find a need to put us on the defensive by asking us to rather meticulously account for ancillary things, such as…Read More

Book Review: Darya Pino Rose’s Foodist

Foodist This one is a pleasure to review. And to read as well. Darya Pino Rose, “PhDork” (neuroscience), is the blogger-proprietor of Summer Tomato, which over a few years now has been the only foodist blog I check out anymore. She does science well, spurns “Conventional Wisdom” (hint: saturated fat and cholesterol), and simply has…Read More

Tough Titties

For your amusement, a post at Jezebel. This really is what the world is coming too. Rachel recently emailed Osorio to tell him that she was enjoying CrossFit and considering purchasing a class card but took offense to the moniker “Titsday.” “do you really have to call a female class “titsday” really???” she wrote. “it’s…Read More

Resistant Starch: 4-Letter Word? Nope. Goal: Create Mashed Potatoes A Diabetic Can Eat Every Day

Here's the reference: Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile. It started off slow, rather as I'd expected, because: STARCH! (Fingers raised across face in the sign of a cross.) But, comments began picking up and even though the post is quite a ways down in the scroll, it's what's getting the most play currently. And now, those who began their own experiments are beginning to report in. I'm tickled at the authoritarian poo-pooing here &…Read More

A Success Story: “Free at 50”

Jack One of my readers who’s always been friendly to myself and this blog emailed to let me know he was featured in last Friday. His transformation is very motivating on several levels, especially for those older folks in their fifties. It ought to be motivating and informative as well for you young guys and…Read More