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The move of this blog, from being hosted at Foliovision to where my buddy Robb Wolf hosts his placeMediaTemple—began at about 6:30am PST, yesterday. By about 10-11, all the grunt work had been done by Karol, everything looked workable, and so I changed the DNS records and relaxed; because there’s little that can be done until it propagates, such that you’re hitting the site on the new server.

Soon as that happened at my end, I did a very stupid thing. I changed a setting. Five measly little characters.

Ever heard the metaphor about sawing off the branch you’re standing on? Yeps. It’s what I am done. Soon as I did it, the gauntlet began. You see, Foliovision—the guys & gals who keep things going around here—live and work in SlovakiaBratislava, to be precise. The work had been finished, it was well into the evening over there, and since they weren’t hosting my site anymore, I had fucked things up, I was on my own. Moreover, it was the eve of a holiday over there.

It was awful. Could not log into WordPress and even worse, the blog stopped serving up the design theme (CSS). It was just raw hlml that looked like shit if you were one of the ones who saw it. So I’m methodically going through every .php file with a name that made sense from a configuration angle, searching for the magical line of code. No joy. So instead, I went to dinner with Bea and my parents at Teske’s Germania in advance of my 75-yr-old dad and 72-yr-old mom heading off to Germany for bit of touring.

The Biergarten, and smiles can be deceiving

I got back, and just sat & wondered what to do. Then I began Googling. Turns out I was on the right track and one of the config files I’d zeroed in on can be edited with a couple of additional lines to force an override of the database. Just a temp workaround, though. There was a more elegant solution, however: use phpMyAdmin to get into the MySQL database, find the right table, the right row, and edit the setting directly.

It’s amazing what editing a single 5 characters can do. Just like that, everything worked again. Disaster dodged.

So how come I’m moving away from such a fine hosting, design and web development company such as Foliovision? Just different needs and goals, i.e., growth on the part of both. Alec Kinnear, a Canadian expat, has built a pretty good thing over there, and it was one of his initial offerings that got my attention back in 2009, when I wanted to move the blog off the TypePad platform, over to WordPress. I’d already assessed what it would take and threw my arms up in despair when I figured at least 100 hours of work (because of the way TP holds your data hostage, particularly images). Turns out Alec and Martin Vicenik had come up with a bunch of scripts to automate the process.

They got it done fast and have serviced every need competently since. Martin Vicenik, in particular, is probably the most competent tech guy I have ever encountered. In four years, I can’t recall even a single fuckup, and he always seems to have the correct answer and solution to any problem or issue I’ve ever presented.

Alec & I butt heads often enough. Basically, he sometimes thinks I’m an ungrateful bastard and he’s probably right. I sometimes think he’s an elitist Eurosnob who likes the ballet too much. But we always get things worked out and frankly, I always prefer to do business with people who tell it like they see it.

It was time for me to move on for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with Foliovision’ quality of service. They are an intense, full service, VIP operation; and right now, I need to be doing a lot of my own stuff. Their systems have evolved with very high security in mind, such that one account on the server with its owner futzing with stuff doesn’t bring the whole thing down for everyone. In short, I need to do a lot of tinkering on a number of prototype sites, learn a lot, and that’s just not a match for Foliovision’s current business model.

However, if you have, or are involved with, a high traffic critical website and require worldclass security and speed—where almost any and all problems that arise are dealt with before you even knew there was any problem—then it’s going to be very hard to do better than Alec and his team.

It was a great run, gentlemen. I’m privileged to have been a good part of it. Good show, all around. I will continue to use Foliovision now & then for various programming and design that’s over my head, or not worth the learning curve, so you always have the option to use them in that capacity as well.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Richard Nikoley on May 2, 2013 at 09:40


    It’s possible that on the old hosting there was a comment feed URL still active that’s no longer the case. At any rate, here’s the all comments URL:

  2. Steve W on May 2, 2013 at 08:15
  3. Alec on May 2, 2013 at 08:41

    Hi Richard,

    Glad we could be of service over the years. Unfortunately with security and speed and easy access, you have to pick two of those three. There are good reasons production servers are treated differently.

    Our hosting service is like but without the astronomical price tag. We are happy to install anything for our hosting clients, after we’ve vetted it for security and speed issues.

    Most of the sites we host now are high traffic media sites and their owners (including you in particular) are understandably very upset if their sites slow down or stop working. Our servers are nginx optimised exclusively for WordPress running on RAID SSD with 16GB of RAM. They are really speed demons for WordPress.

    WordPress has been having its own issues with security which is another reason we’ve been tightening the lockdown. As you know we were one of the first to ban the admin login (if the bot has to guess both login and password security goes way up: a smart bot would know where to find the login but for the moment the bots aren’t that clever). Right now we are working on a security plugin which will hide the admin name from even the smartest bots: for the moment we have installed a plugin which prevents repetitive logins.

    Thanks for being part of Foliovision!

  4. Joshua on May 2, 2013 at 09:16

    Richard – my RSS feed bookmark for comments is not currently working. Did you change URLs?

  5. tatertot on May 2, 2013 at 09:18

    People always say to me, ‘you should start a blog’. This is exactly why I won’t! It takes a lot of time and effort. I am always amazed at the well-run blogs. I get a lot of free-time in the Winter to goof around on the internet, but then can go months with hardly ever logging on. I like it that way.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Sean on May 2, 2013 at 09:34

    Alec & I butt heads often enough. Basically, he sometimes thinks I’m an ungrateful bastard and he’s probably right. I sometimes think he’s an elitist Eurosnob who likes the ballet too much.

    Watch out for those expats living in Central Europe, dude.

  7. Richard Nikoley on May 2, 2013 at 09:41


    You have a blog. Right here. I’m just about to publish your next informations on resistant starch.

  8. Richard Nikoley on May 2, 2013 at 09:43

    Sean, I told Alec about you and your blog in an email the other day. The link to his is in the post. You two should get together sometime over various libations and talk about the quality of womanly attributes in your part of the world.

  9. Alec on May 2, 2013 at 11:37

    Hi Sean,

    I did visit your site thanks to Richard. Sounds like you have an interesting life up there in Prague! Let me know when you come by down here.

  10. Richard Nikoley on May 2, 2013 at 11:56

    OK all. Did you know Alec can cook?

    Slovakian TV (with hot women, too, of course).

  11. Carl on May 2, 2013 at 14:08

    Media Temple is a great host. They also donate the use of their place to meetup groups in the programming/web design/wordPress/marketing space — and I’ve never been there when they didn’t spring for pizza for the surprised & grateful attendees.

    Drop in next time you’re in So. Cal.; I think you’ll be impressed. Big enough to give you the performance you want; small enough to remember who you are.

  12. Richard Nikoley on May 2, 2013 at 15:09

    Thanks Carl. I’ll keep that in mind, as I sometimes to touch base with various things when down there.

  13. Nigel Kinbrum on May 3, 2013 at 01:34

    tatertot said…
    “People always say to me, ‘you should start a blog’. This is exactly why I won’t! It takes a lot of time and effort.”
    It takes about as much time and effort as making a jacket potato.

  14. Alec on May 3, 2013 at 02:11

    Hi Nigel,

    You don’t own your blog: Google does. When Google shuts down or changes blogspot (Feedburner was dropped recently), I can only imagine the tears. Maintaining a self-hosted high traffic weblog in the face of hackers, scammers and poor quality plugin developers is actually very difficult. Particularly if the owner wants ads and/or fast loading times.

    There’s a difference between keeping a beater on the road and maintaining a formula one car.

  15. Nigel Kinbrum on May 3, 2013 at 03:52

    @Alec: That’s a good point. When I started blogging, it was for shits & giggles. Now that I have a lot of content & comments, I would be upset if it evaporated into thin air.

    I once did a “backup” of my blog to WordPress after I annoyed someone (annoying, moi? 😀 ) who then tried to phish my IP address, thinking that my blog might get hacked.

    I think I’ll do another backup right now!

  16. Nigel Kinbrum on May 3, 2013 at 08:27

    I will never have deliberate ads on any blog that I maintain.
    As for loading times: If I didn’t have so many YouTube video graphics to load (and other crap), my blog would load much more quickly!

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