747 Crash on Takeoff in Afghanistan?

Wow. I saw this earlier, but the scene has haunted me for a coupla days. I fly powered, sailplanes and hang gliders and every pilot knows stall recovery backwards & forwards. This was an unrecoverable stall. Very overpowered commercial aircraft do not stall on takeoff. In a cattle car situation, you could have all the human…Read More

The Roots of the Paleo Movement in the Physical Culture Movement

As I tweeted to Andrew Badenoch, “beautiful find.” Glad my Daily Paper.li account picked it up. For once, a rather positive take on Paleo, and from NPR no less. Here’s some pics (there’s more pics in the article) and excerpts. Paleo Diet Echoes Physical Culture Movement Of Yesteryear Eugen Sandow, photographed circa 1885, was a German-Russian…Read More

Delightful Administrivia

Thing is, I used to love the shit stirring comments here and various other places the best. It’s kinda like being called out in a bar, taking it outside, and having a big bloodthirsty crowd to watch. Did that for years. It’s fun. Very time consuming for no real reward, but fun. I’m pretty good…Read More

Hi…and Check out Foliovison Hosting and Creative Direction

The move of this blog, from being hosted at Foliovision to where my buddy Robb Wolf hosts his place—MediaTemple—began at about 6:30am PST, yesterday. By about 10-11, all the grunt work had been done by Karol, everything looked workable, and so I changed the DNS records and relaxed; because there’s little that can be done…Read More