That’s according to ABC NEWS, MARY HARTLEY, and LIZ NEPORENT. But Bo—just….’Bo’—is one of hundreds of thousands, by now, who’ve dismissed the regurgitating whores. He humbly disagrees. Bo…just…’Bo’ Here’s what I wonder. Women. Tell me in comments your base, animal visceral reaction to those pics, left & right. You saw each guy on the street. I’m not…Read More

Nicki’s Indian Lamb Stew

This is on page 78-79 of Chrissy Gower’s fabulous Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple. She should have called it “Paleo for Dummies,” “Idiots Guide to Paleo Cooking,” or something. I have long been a fan of crock pottery cooking since everyone got into the kick back in the 70s when electric Cpots…Read More

Vejibag: A very cool & crisp new product

I must admit that when Sally Erickson emailed me sometime back, asking to send me a new product she’d come up with, the vigibag, I was kinda like, “Yea, Ok…whatever. Knock yourself out. Send me one.” Then it got here and sat around until she emailed a follow-up. Then it sat around some more. Precisely…Read More

Resistant Starch: Now We’re Getting Somewhere, Part 2 (35 links to research)

Part 1: Resistant Starch: Now We’re Getting Somewhere. As I mentioned in the first post, I cut it short, actually chopping a bunch of additional links from the end. Wanted to keep a sane intro length to it, but at the same time I want a bunch of the research to be available for easy reference. So let's get right to it. Tons of stuff—about 35 references I think; and there's much, much more but I…Read More

Resistant Starch: An Overall Primer, with References

In the process of drafting Part 2 of all the research (here's Part 1) I came across this: Resistant Starch Intakes in the United States. Its purpose is to analyze data in order to estimate average intake of RS and to provide a list of foods and how much they contain. They conclude: The estimated intake of resistant starch by Americans is in the range of approximately 3 to 8 g per person per day. [...] By combining…Read More

Sunday Church Services for Human Animals

Now that my Nicki’s Indian Lamb Stew (pg. 78 of Chrissy Gower’s Paleo Slow Cooking) is in the crockpot for tonight, thought I’d head off to Animal Church for a while. Remember: In the Animal Church, there’s no dogma. Its dual purpose is enlightenment through a better understanding of humanity by having better explanations for the social…Read More

Still Open For Paleo Grillin’ ‘Round Here

I figure that with all my postings on things like some beans, corn tortillas and supplemental resistant starch, that a Hello to Paleo or Still Engaged to Paleo food post might be in order. The point is that nobody really needs to make big, grandiose statements about any of this. They can relax and do their…Read More

Resistant Starch: Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Previous posts on the topic: Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile Resistant Starch: 4-Letter Word? Nope. Goal: Create Mashed Potatoes A Diabetic Can Eat Every Day The interest over those posts has been rather enthusiastic, in spite of my concern over: "Oh, what new miracle is Richard-The-Traffic-Whore on about now?" And it's a legitimate criticism in my book, especially if not completely familiar with the history around here. As I wrapped up…Read More

No Soap On My Skin, No Shampoo In My Hair: Over 4 Years

This morning a guy named Brent showed up at my door, a freelance journalist and photo-journalist for a number of publications you’d recognize. We’d been trying to get together for a while, during a couple of his trips out west. He’s writing a book. Has a literary agent, and several publishers are interested. Game on.…Read More

Photographic Evidence: Bird-Brained Birds Are Smarter Than Vegans

A few weeks back there was a sprinkler problem. It was all about vegan vegetation, in jeopardy of browning. The low-IQ, dumb, browned-skinned Mexican gardeners come every Thursday to tend to my vegan bounty. But they aren’t vegans. And while they may certainly be undocumented—PC speak for illegal—I’m at a loss to understand why me or my…Read More

Vitamin D and Dark Skin: Are You a Fish Out of Water?

Back when I included the “Are You a Fish Out of Water” section in my book, it was based on the idea that because darker skin is an evolutionary adaptation to protect from overexposure (and an attractive one at that 🙂 that the logical corollary would be that darker skinned folk living at latitudes far…Read More

The Myth of Male Power

This is going to be looooong. But every now and then, I owe my readers who like that sort of in-depth thing. Feminazis: take cover. The topic has only been on my radar from time to time…over a long time. As I’ve posted before, I grew up with naturally strong women around me at all…Read More