Resistant Starch: Now We’re Getting Somewhere, Part 2 (35 links to research)

Part 1: Resistant Starch: Now We’re Getting Somewhere.

As I mentioned in the first post, I cut it short, actually chopping a bunch of additional links from the end. Wanted to keep a sane intro length to it, but at the same time I want a bunch of the research to be available for easy reference.

So let's get right to it. Tons of stuff—about 35 references I think; and there's much, much more but I had to draw the line somewhere. I haven't looked closely for corporate interests this time, as in the previous post, so buyer beware, as always. If you missed it, I posted a short but very nice Primer on Resistant Starch yesterday, which I highly suggest you read as a prerequisite so that you're generally familiar with the critical importance of this in the realm of general health for the 100% of you, and not just the 10% of you that are your human cells. Note that if you just skim through the research (skim, read, dig, engage rabbit's all up to you), make sure you carefully read my wrap up at the end.

Again, the easiest and cheapest way to dose resistant starch is via unmodified potato starch. Many people are reporting good results with 4 tablespoons, spread throughout the day. Most use Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch.

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