Four Bean Salad Done Right

I’ve been having a pretty good time with beans done right. I’m pretty amazed at the satiation aspect. Paleo? Well, Shmaleo. It’s in the real food category for me. But I also prepare them right. I do the 24-hr soak, changing out the water about halfway through. I also add some of my sauerkraut juice...…Read More

Status Quo Politics; Helpful Updates

Many are familiar with my “Land of the Free” updates that I’ve done for years, even predating Paleo…where I highlight recent developments that underscore and “foundationalize” our God given “freedoms”—Praise Jesus. I do that primarily to laf at so-called Christians, who see the Republican party as their modern day Messiah…because they can’t seem to live a...…Read More

Anthony Weiner Schnitzel

You can’t even make this shit up Late Night Takes on Carlos Danger. Hilarious. Even listened to Rush on the drive back today. Endless jokes. New meme by Colbert: ‘dictures.’ Ha! New York: Your next Weiner…uh, Mayor. Redundancy? Anthony’s Weiner – NYC Mayoral Candidate, 2013 Finally writing this post after sitting by the pool all afternoon,...…Read More

Profiling = Using Your Mind, “Racial” or Not

Still away from home so I’ll just pop something up that might be of interest to some. Ever noticed that the idea of “racial profiling” is just always assumed to be automatically wrong? It could be, depending on circumstances; but other times, perhaps not so much. Moreover, what’s often charged as racial profiling isn’t that...…Read More

Black Status Revoked: Romany Malco

Romany: you, sir, are No True Scotsman! Moreover, you’re just sporting shoe polish on your face, right? Romany Malco Romany Malco Pens ‘Message to Trayvon Sympathizers’ Romany Malco, who reprises his role as Zeke in the recently wrapped “Think Like a Man, Too,” weighed into the Trayvon Martin topic from a different angle. In a blog...…Read More

News Flash: Trayvon Martin Rises From the Dead, Begins by Saving a Family of Four

Barack was right! Trayvon actually could be him…a Messiah! How could I have gotten that so wrong? I was seeing the political angle. Had no idea he was talking “higher calling.” …Oh, wait…wrong again. That was George Zimmerman: George Zimmerman rescues four people in SUV crash. George Zimmerman helped rescue four people from an overturned vehicle...…Read More

Detroit BK: This is What Happens When People Can’t Mind Their Own Business

Photo by Karen DeCoster Let’s cut right to the chase here: When a business goes bankrupt it’s usually understandable in the sense that markets, technologies, economies of scale, customer attitudes, competition, and other business dynamics change—often too radically or rapidly for a company to anticipate or keep up. Severe financial hardship is always a direct...…Read More

Richard’s 30-minute Steak Frites

I woke up this morning to email news that someone is looking to sue me for calling her a c-word and et ceteras, only just because she is. Took a look. Yawned. I answer attorney letters in sharpie (faxed back, so his whole office sees it)—for like 20 years—and built a company around it with lots...…Read More

Reza Aslan on Zealotry

ZEALOT One of my favorite programs to catch in the car is Fresh Air on NPR, with Terry Gross. Sure, I doubt we’d see eye to eye on much of anything socio-political, but I can easily set that aside to appreciate someone’s professionalism and in this, I think Terry is simply one of the best...…Read More

Over Easy Eggs, Maggots

Get it right, Dammit. First video in a long while, on the fly and serendipitous. I swear a whole lot in the video, if you’re into that kinda thing. Later, maggots.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and is a preview. Login or Join to access the…Read More

I’m OUTRAGED! Shame on you!

An open post to morons, ignoramuses and wankers. But before I begin, here’s a tweet this morning from John Durant. You know, the guy in The New York Times, then on The Colbert Report, and who is still mystified that I can’t recall him from Art De Vany’s Las Vegas conference where I was kinda...…Read More

Take A Walk on the Wild Side

The only live version I can find. Lou Reed. Not great at all, but it’s live. Here’s a studio version if you prefer. FYI, I don’t give a shit about the bi or tansvestite undertones or explicits. Just don’t. Metaphor, ladies & gentlemen. Pick your poison. Ah, it just came up on the Serge Gainsbourg...…Read More

Just Get George Zimmerman; And Whatever

I have a challenge for you. Get through this Mark Steyn bit in The Orange County Register without basically lafing the entire way through: Zimmerman case’s legal absurdities astound. I’ll wet your appetite. In real justice systems, the state decides what crime has been committed and charges somebody with it. In the Zimmerman trial, the state’s...…Read More

ObamaCare Lafs

This is just too delicious not to post about. Gotta love it when commies get it in the teeth. From John Goodman at Forbes: Why The White House Is Panicking About ObamaCare. Actors. Actresses. NFL football players. Baseball players. Librarians. Mayors. City councilmen. Members of AARP. The Obama administration is looking far and wide, leaving no...…Read More

Bye Bye Paleo…Drama

It’s been going on for about three days, by my cursory calculations. The Usual Suspects…sans moi bien sûr. Thing is, I was only tipped off to it this morning and had zero idea of it, which is a good thing. What a cool perspective it offers me, in particular the references to me peppered throughout comments....…Read More