Cool Kids Crew

Between Spain and France, that’s how the Cool kids Crew has fun ! Flying, partying, doing crazy stuff wherever it’s possible ! Life rocks !!! 2 minutes and change.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and is a preview. Login or Join to access the rest, as…Read More

My Book Gets Another 1-Star Review

I love the Internets. A recent 1-Star Amazon review of my book content, all the chapters. By S.K. “book addict”  This man is a mess and I gave up on the book. He’s eating hot dogs and corn tortillas but writing about a paleo diet? WTF?!! Then he calls women the “c” word because they...…Read More

Pan De Higo (Spanish); Je Reviens (French)

Good thing I picked ripe fig fruit yesterday, ahead of my bird & squirrel backyard friends. They get enough. Indeed! I’m virtually scrounging, here. That tree just won’t give up daily production. And since I gave helpings of my last batch to my Mexican housekeepers who’ve been with me 19 years, I’m scrounging again. Sidebar:...…Read More

Pan De Higo (Spanish Fig Bread)

Nope, no flour in it of any kind, just as there’s no flour in breadfruit. You can often pick some up at specialty markets and as well, all my local Whole Foods stock it. Here’s what it is and how the Spaniards make it. You can Google for recipes, like this one. So, I have a...…Read More

I’ve Got A [Gut] Feeling, But I’m Not Going to Eat Anything

Another couple of tabs I've had open in my browser since the weekend: Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach Fasting or Caloric Restriction, What Holds Greater Promise as a Means of Life Extension? Dot connecting. My favorite thing to do, and the more diverse the sources, the better. I think I'm at my relative best as simply an integrator and synthesizer. Everyone else can pretend they know shit they don't; be…Read More

Relax. The Stars Have Finally Come Out

Hear the news? It’s fantastic! Now, you don’t even need to ask questions, anymore. No thinking required. The stars have spoken, so you can just relax. Eat Like a Caveman! 10 Celebrities Touting the Paleo Diet Personally, I don’t do shit until Jack Nicholson is in…. But that’s just me. Let me know if Anthony...…Read More

FTA Super Quick Hit: Mylee Cyrus and the MTV Awards

Don’t really give a shit that Will Smith & Family were actually NOT shocked…SHOCKED! about Mylee Cyrus’ very shitty trailer trash performance. SHOCKED! Contrary to earlier reports, turns out that was for Lady Gaga, so one might say ‘Amazed,’ or something like that…because Gaga has her well established gig, is a mature woman…and… seems to me,...…Read More

Can We Just Cut to The Inconvenient Truth? Religion, Like Its State Bedfellow, Breeds Stupidity Even Among the Otherwise Intelligent

That’s really the takeaway from both of these pieces, open in Chrome tabs since Saturday. Judgy Bitch: Richard Dawkins hands feminists a fabulous argument and not one of them touches it. I wonder why not? Richard Dawkins: Calm reflections after a storm in a teacup For you religious Paleos (by which I mean, in the conventional sense...…Read More

Resistant Starch Content of Foods; Other Anecdote and Miscellania

Once again, here are my previous posts on resistant starch: Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile (180 Comments) Resistant Starch: 4-Letter Word? Nope. Goal: Create Mashed Potatoes A Diabetic Can Eat Every Day (452 Comments) Resistant Starch: Now We're Getting Somewhere (68 Comments) Resistant Starch: Now We're Getting Somewhere, Part 2 (35 links to research) (127 Comments) The FTA Resistant Starch Trial: N=75 +++ (58 Comments) Beans and the Second Meal Effect:…Read More

My Classic Dutchmen TADA (T@DA) Camping Trailer

Update: The T@DA is now on a local RV lot for anyone interested. …The advantage of having a blog with good Google Creds… Here’s the Craigslist posting: ~~~ $14,900 2009 Dutchmen TADA, no longer in production and very classic. Manufactured in the European style (sheet metal and fiberglass “sandwich” sidewalls on a steel X-frame) for...…Read More

Ancestral Health Society: Please tell me it was a joke about Ben Greenfield with his magical decoder bracelet, complete with snake oil drops

There it was, at 1:00 pm on Friday last, at the Ancestral Health Symposium, in Atlanta. Ketogenic Diets for Athletic Performance Panel by Ben Greenfield, M.S., C.S.C.S., C-I.S.S.N., Jamie Scott, PGDipNutMed, PGDipSportExMed, jimmy moore, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, B.S. OK, fine. Ketogenesis in the context of athletic performance is something we’re hearing a lot about, lately. That’s...…Read More