Free the Maggot Update, Part 2 (The Anthony Colpo Connection)

Serendipitously, Anthony Colpo published a highly political sort of piece last night, and it was right on the heels of my own far less substantial, largely jeering post. His, again: Why are Humans So Damn Clueless and Superficial? I’m referenced in it. I do my political/social schtick all the time here, so it’s no big. Always suspected Anthony had a libertarianish streak in him, but now it’s pretty damn explicit. If I can take the liberty: he thinks all you voter-wankers are a bunch of maggots, too.

It’s a good read. I’d especially like for you to see the video of Russell Brand he highlights, masterfully making mocked mincemeat of the MSNBC Morning Joe crew. I have a lot of respect for Russell Brand and he demonstrates precisely why in that video. On many levels. Those three hosts were basically his toys for 8 minutes and they couldn’t beat their way out of their wet paper sacks if they wanted to, and tried. He had them nervous, fidgeting, completely uncertain about saying anything. And that’s because while Brand may be Brand, a former addict, or whatever: he’s nobody’s fool ever. He’s very quickly witty to proportions of immediate, and he always, always has his genuine and essential humanity on display…even when joking around. He is always genuine. There’s your New Media, right there, if you can handle it when people don’t lie to you 24/7 because all you really ever want to hear is lies that make you feel comfortable.

I’m not going to excerpt Anthony because, it’s not his characteristic HUGE LONG POST. So, you actually can read it all yourself, which I wish you would do. Next thing: let me address his comments about Drs. Eades, and as well, Carbsane.

  1. He published that I like the Eades’ and that remains the case. See? That they remain and may always remain at odds is a superficial thing to me in terms of whether I can be friends with Anthony.
  2. Either anthony knows why I dislike Evelyn Kokur and doesn’t care, or he doesn’t know, and I don’t care. I’m the last guy in the world to go around…“Hey, Anthony, did you know this, that…the other thing?” so’s I can feel comfort in numbers and support.
  3. I have always thought the idea that ‘the enemy of my enemy is a friend,’ and the ‘friend of my enemy is a foe’ to be shallow and superficial, and as such, do not engage it. Every person I call friend or foe is such on my own judgment and principles.

I’ve had a great time exchanging an email or two now and then with Anthony over the last year or so, and that all stands on its own.

All that said, it’s quite remarkable how very much Anthony and Mike have in common politically.


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  1. Wolfstriked on August 30, 2013 at 14:32

    WTF did I just view when watching the Brand video.The opening line from the dimwitted blonde sparked it off when she introduced him and the look on his face set the mood for it all.Her first BRAND experience….taking it all in etc etc.Then the guy wanted to unbutton his shirt like him etc etc.Funny stuff that became very awkward.And when dumb blonde starts saying she is nervous with the dimwit guy across table amazed at how Brand can do that to her when he himself is petrified of her…..and then Brand sits back in his chair to look on at what he just created live…And then when he asks the blonde what the stroking of the soda bottle was a metaphor for and that she need to lose the ring as she was a shaft grasper…. I lost it!!!!PRICELESS!!!

    When the lady says “this is my first Brand experience” and he retaliates it reminded me of growing up with my parents and how they spoke of me to me but in a weird 3rd person way as if I was not in room.Creepy feeling I got from that video but eye opening and depressing for me that I never retaliated like that.:(

    Anyway,Colpo is so right that its all calories.Back to calorie restriction and dropping weight like crazy by eating just one meal per day.Problem before was 3 meals had me feeling like I couldn’t control my hunger.Past two days I eat a bag of nuts when I wake up and drink a few coffees with a bit of cream and that is enough to allow me to work with little hunger and lots of energy.When I get home I eat 1000cal meal that has been a pound of meat and either beans or potatoes and veggies.2 days in and already I am changing in appearance.But no tootage still and I take 3 tbsps of potato starch at bedtime.:(

  2. Richard Nikoley on August 30, 2013 at 16:19

    Nope, Wooo. Sorry. I’ve seen Brand in action a lot of times and I think you’re misinterpreting WTF, seriously? As some sort or intimidation ploy.

    Moreover, any competent, sure of himself person is forever encountering people who display intimidation in one form or another. The mere act of attempting to put them at ease is easily seen by others as taking advantage.

    Tell me, what is a person to do who is simply never ever intimidated by anyone, ever, in any situation? Brand could happily tell the President to go fuck himself, right in public, which he’ll never get the chance to do because the President and his handlers are well aware of this.

  3. bornagain on August 30, 2013 at 16:26

    Wooo, you didn’t tell me much about Brand but you just told me a lot about yourself. Thanks.

  4. Richard Nikoley on August 30, 2013 at 16:59


    I suggest you watch more Brand clips. When I very first saw him, I was taken back by what I was hearing vs. what I was seeing. And it strikes close to home, because of my natural facial expression. All of my life, all the time: “what’s wrong?” I have this sort of natural frown. Brand has a kind of natural look of disgust.

  5. Richard Nikoley on August 30, 2013 at 17:01

    …also, his smile looks forced, trite, as does mine, even when it’s totally genuine.

  6. Richard Nikoley on August 30, 2013 at 17:10


    Oh, didn’t catch your last part. No, we’re not actually celebrating him shitting all over the studio, because that’s precisely what he didn’t do. Watch the first minute or so again, how they introduce him, like he’s some nobody. That’s where the intimidation ploy started. Hey, you’re here by means of our charity and we’re going to establish dominance right off the bat.

    Typically, guests will be completely self deprecating, feign insult, etc.

    But not Brand. Try to see it in that light, from the outset and wonder, how would that have gone had they shown the typical respect a host should show a guest, right from the outset.

  7. Molli on August 30, 2013 at 18:30

    Brand is a metro-sexual douche, totally unappealing. I’m with Woo, I think Colpo got it wrong…But, then again, it’s expected, given his history. And before you attempt to “school” me Richard, I have read his blog, and his books!

  8. Richard Nikoley on August 30, 2013 at 18:46

    Thanks Molli

    Now I can dismiss you. Thanks again.

  9. Rhonda on August 30, 2013 at 19:15

    Thanks for the Colpo post, Richard.

    Russell Brand. When he starts talking about Snowden and Manning, putting it out there that those are the things to be talking about, those hosts didn’t want to have anything to do with that. They didn’t want to touch it. No, no, can’t have an opinion about that which is not in alignment with how the government wants you to think. Let’s just try to make jokes on and out-joke (impossible for them) Russell while simultaneously trying to ignore his presence at the table with us. There’s so much going on in that video that disgusts me, that I’m going to end my comment here.

  10. Rhonda on August 30, 2013 at 19:17

    “There’s so much going on in that video that disgusts me, that I’m going to end my comment here.”

    Correction: There’s so much going on in that video, of the show’s hosts towards Brand, which disgusts me, but I don’t have to time now to write it, so, I’m going to end my comment here.

  11. Richard Nikoley on August 30, 2013 at 19:42

    Rhonda, well, wrap you mind around Molli’s comment.

    ‘Metrosexual douche and totally unappealing.’ Now, what was the entirely of Colpo’s post about?

    Thus, Molli unintentionally wins best comment so far.

  12. Wolfstriked on August 31, 2013 at 07:38

    Woo,you have it all wrong.He went in to an interview with attitude because of what he is.See I am like Brand in that I am also an ex junky and can tell you that when people find that out(rarely happens nowadays as I have learned to keep it very private)the world changes and you become just another Brittney Spears.Certain people(1%) can be ex junkies and be admired and applauded but majority of us are constantly ridiculed.And your also forgetting that these people are professoinal interviewers who broke down on the set and lost control to a weird junkie and thats just wrong.Why the fear they exhibited doesn’t register with your subconcious is puzzling.For me its more they feared being ridiculed by the lowest denominator and thats a bad thing.;)Woo,your a brilliant woman and your also an outcast to society,by your own admission,so I am puzzled that you don’t see the connection to brands behaviors.Screw the incasts and strengthen the outcasts!!!

    Now back to the regular broadcast…….I am so skinny this morning its amazing.ITS ALL ABOUT CALORIES friends.

  13. Brad on August 31, 2013 at 13:17

    Wolf, I disagree that “it’s all about the calories”. Calories are important yes, and you can lose weight with a calorie deficient diet but you can also lose weight with high calories and low carbs. I have done both. Go take a look at what Dr. Attia eats in a ketogenic diet, though he’s also a workout fanatic so burns lots of cal’s. When I first started eating paleo I was doing the low carb, high fat paleo thing… like eating lots of home made pork sausage for breakfast. I lost weight even without doing much of any exercise. More recently I’ve combined 16/8 IF, sorta leangains style eating twice daily, combined with lifting around 2 hours per week. I can easily drop weight doing this also. I think there are various ways, and some work better than others depending on one’s metabolism. I never have counted calories though I can tell via the mirror when I’m eating at deficit. All that said, I personally find it much easier to eat less quantity/cal’s when eating high fat, low carb, due to the increased satiation and “fat adaptation”…. I just don’t get hungry as much/often as when I eat high carb. But hey, if paying attention to cal’s works for you, more power to you.

  14. Wolfstriked on August 31, 2013 at 15:00

    Brad,I have been doing all types of diets for decades and have seen so many Attia’s while at same time I have seen so many people like me that just don’t lose weight on LCHF(back to that in next paragraph).Yrs back I found a video from BBC about the Atkins diet that went into detail trying to find out why it worked.From the beginning it was all about “how can these people be losing weight eating all that fat”.The video went thru many tests done to try to solve the mystery when 3/4 of the way thru someone noticed something.It appeared that the participants were not really eating much food.So they decided to look into that and they come to find that Atkins dieters just don’t eat much calories.I posted this to forums but it was shot down….you know how the LC crowd can be.;)

    As for the Attia’s……I think what is happening is that when you gorge on fat the body can only absorb so much and you poop the rest out.So maybe you cant GAIN weight on super high fat but to lose its all about da caloriues IMO.I did a test once eating 5000cal of mostly fat and had less fat gain then I thought I should have.Plus studies show the body can only absorb so much fat due to bile production.

    I am also follow fasting protocol but high calories and low carb for me=diminishing muscles from lack of carbs to force growth thru high insulin and fast fat gain around belly from the excess fat calories.I feel that one meal a day to spike insulin and encourage muscle growth but at low calorie is best for me.Mixed diet has got me ripped in past and in past I had to also cut calories way low.Reason I mention that is because I had a six pack once a long time ago,aka 21 yrs ago and where I was also 21 yrs old.Back then I was amazed at how at 21 yrs old I had to drop to 1000calories to lose weight and I think to myself how in the world I will be able to eat more calories at twice the age.Also,this morning I woke up and on empty stomach I did my pullups and pushups routine and got a rep or two more in all exercise,though that could be from being slightly lighter.

    Now past few days I have been eating only 1200cal and I have stumbled upon something that seems to be causing some good in me body and that has to do with not starving myself during the fast WHILE making sure its low carb food.I eat at around 2pm but I am up at 4:30am.When I try to starve myself I find I get loopy headed and start to also bloat out.Then it seems that once that happens my body goes into fat storage mode and the big meal doesn’t work as it should,aka no pump from the carbs post workout.BUT when I instead wake to some nuts and then coffee with a bit of cream,when ever hunger and loopy head hits my stomach doesn’t bloat and I feel that I stay in fat burn mode.Then when I get home,do my quick WO and eat my main meal the carbs and protein seem go where I would rather they went,aka into muscles.

    Purchased a new pressure cooker as that really makes one meal a day shine.Throw in pound of lean meat,bag or two of frozen vegetables,some beans or potatoes for starch and voila a lean mean muscle building meal.Perfect after a days work and a light WO as studies are showing that largest meal eaten later in the day has tremendous benefits.

  15. Wolfstriked on August 31, 2013 at 15:03

    If my Attia theory didn’t make sense…….he was working out HEAVILY while eating alot of calories of mostly carbs and most likely they were all getting absorbed.He then went very high fat at same calories and my theory is that he was just not absorbing alot of the calories from the fat.

  16. Brad on August 31, 2013 at 17:15

    Wolf, eating fat calories that are not absorbed due to lack of digestion (or any other reason) does not support the argument that the caloric density of food is the predominant factor in weight loss. It supports the exact opposite conclusion. Also, I think it’s kinda irrelevant that eating a high fat diet may cause lower total caloric intake due to the higher satiation effect. If the goal is to lose fat/weight the the diet that makes that easier is the more effective diet. To me it would seem easier to just eat to satiety, than to have to count calories to make sure you are eating at a deficit.

  17. Brad on August 31, 2013 at 17:26

    Btw, I’m not saying people should eat a keto diet, nor even necessarily LC – though the term “low carb” means different things to different people. I tend to favor the range in/around the amount that both Sisson (Primal) and Jaminet (PHD) seem to agree on … in the 100-130 grams per day area. But I don’t count my carbs either so it’s just a guestimate. I tend to focus my carb consumption more on fruits but do enjoy some starchy “safe” carbs at times.

  18. John on August 31, 2013 at 19:46

    I’ve really enjoy Colpo’s work. He digs deep into the science, and often showcases findings that I have trouble locating anywhere else (his work on the benefits of iron reduction comes to mind). I’ve really enjoyed his non-nutrition based articles as well, like this one and the series he did on Lance Armstrong. Those are still totally worth a read, but the basic point was- why does anyone care if some guy used drugs to ride a bike faster, and why aren’t we using those same drugs to prevent people with cancer/aids/wasting syndrome from literally wasting to death?

  19. Wolfstriked on September 1, 2013 at 06:54

    Brad,we must agree that we are basically lost with regards to weightloss.I hate to start bringing up names but alas its to make a point and necessary.Jimmy Moore pushes the calories don’t matter argument so much and now with the new nutritional ketosis argument on his side he is still at it.But the man is actually zero calorie fasting some days and eats very low calorie on daily basis due to NK.Now that I bashed him I wanna praise him for sticking to it and bringing to the masses the holy grail for LC dieters.Problem for me is I cant seem to get energy when I go very low carb and I have gone down to 10carbs and 70 protein and I am just a lump of diminishing muscle mass with a dead brain,even after 2 weeks.The LC does diminish hunger though and I wish it worked well for me.

    Like you I stick to probably around 150gms carbs per day as I like to do 600calories carbs and close to same in protein fat.The one main meal a day somehow works to counter the hunger for me.When I eat 3 meals of same food my brain seems to give up and I just eat and eat but with one meal I go thru the hunger with a different mindset,though I have no idea why.If you think about it we are eating about the same but I have to really struggle and drop calories to see weightloss due to shitty metabolism.I do wonder if my shitty metabolism is the reason why I seem to stay young.I notice guys I work with for long time who are super skinny age faster…..I’m rambling so laters.:)

  20. Brad on September 1, 2013 at 14:35

    Wolf, I’m kinda opposite of you wrt carbs. I’ve been eating more meals, and more carbs, lately and not IF’ing, and yeah I feel sometimes less energy and more hungry than when I’m eating only one or two meals per day. But when I eat lower carbs I feel like I have more energy, particularly when exercising. I think it’s just that the latter, for my particular metabolism, afford me better fat burning for energy and to counter hunger. So maybe my metabolism works better as a “fat burner” and yours works better as a “carb burner” primarily. There is no right answer other than whatever works for YOU. And I think people have to experiment with both and find out what works and where the balance is best for them. And IMO that Jaminet/Sisson recommendation is a good place to start.
    Also, I think lower body subcutatneous (spelling?) body fat makes one’s skin look older yeah. When I look at recent pic’s of myself with about 8-10 lbs more fat on me, my face looks younger. Oh well. I’d rather actually *be* healthier rather than just *look* it. Sucks that my face has to suffer to have better looking ab’s though. Eh, I shouldn’t be so superficial? 😉

  21. Wolfstriked on September 1, 2013 at 18:03

    LOL,everyone has their body dilemma it seems and yeah that does suck about having to choose abs over face.My dilemma is that my hyperinsulemia causes rapid muscle and strength growth.I can grow ridiculous muscle steroid free BUT its a dbl edged sword and when I lower the insulin to start cutting fat I quickly lose this muscle.I think testosterone is the main muscle building hormone but alas I am an insulin secreter by far amount.:(

    AND for so long I have bulked up and then lost everything on the way down that I gave up.Its terribly depressing to be moving heavy weights and by the time I’m lean I am moving beginner weights.Now I just want to be skinny with a little muscle and that is more achievable for me I believe.Now I do feel that VLC is great to get lean and probably is best but as I said I build my muscle by insulin mainly and VLC seems to make me a weak skinny guy and that sucks.

  22. Joshua on September 4, 2013 at 05:32

    Now I’m curious what Brand has to say about that murderous hypocrite Che Guevarra.

  23. Kayumochi on September 4, 2013 at 07:14

    Perused Colpo’s “clueless and superficial” post and my eyes stopped at the Ramones photo with the caption about their legendary pizza-eating habits … yeah, but two of the Ramones died of cancer …

  24. marie on September 5, 2013 at 21:55

    Wolfstriked, I’ve been following your discussion with Brad with some interest. The loss of actual strength (moving heavy weights, then beginner ones) is very interesting to me.
    If I may ask, how quickly do you notice strength changes, but also how quickly do you notice size change in muscle when you switch in or out of VLC? Is the size change noticeable within a week or so, or is it a slower steady loss/gain over several weeks? You mentioned a rapid change, is the strength change maybe two weeks to a month or is it over a few months?

  25. Brad on September 7, 2013 at 05:13

    Wolf, have you experimented with cycling carbs with your strength training? Eg., CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet) or “The Anabolic Diet”? Many people have used this technique, of around 4-5 days of low carb and then 1 day, or one meal, high carb “re-feed”. This has a history all the way back to Vince Gironda who recommended this type of diet as well. Although I hate to mention it, because I think it’s a horrible book, Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Body used a similar technique with his “cheat” day.

    I am currently 3 months off training due to an injured and slowly re-coup’ing bicep tendon, but when I return to the gym I will likely return to one of CKD or 16/8 LeanGains style intermittent fasting. They both seem to work for me though I can’t decide which is better. You’ll notice both are basically the same thing (carb cycling) just the periodicity is different.

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